A Shameless Plug…

As y’all know, I’ve become just a hair (maybe a whole wig) obsessed with the American Civil War. Ever since I wrote The Soldier about a year ago, I’ve gotten sucked into this whole other world. I’ve been to over a dozen battlefields and now have an entire bookcase dedicated to Civil War books. Don’t ask me how many I’ve read. It’s my hope that I’ll learn a lot and becoming confident enough to write an entire series revolving around the Civil War. It’d be a historical romance series, of course, but I’ll leave the werewolves and vampires out this time.

56616311_2469417486404499_4392417874858213376_nAnyway, part of this new fascination with the 19th century, I’d started another blog! This one is to talk about my many travels and share some knowledge about the Civil War from the prospective of yours truly. I’ve been writing one blog a week since January and covered three battles so far. I’m treating each battle as a series, writing a blog about the battle itself, something interesting about it, about a commander or two, about a regular soldier, and about a woman associated with the battle. My blog set around the battle of Olustee included my trips to other Florida Civil War landmarks as well. My goal is to write about each battlefield I visit and focus on that state as well. Virginia’s gonna be a doozy. You’ll also get to check out some of the pictures I’ve taken at the battlefields. They’ll be the ones with my haversack!

Interested in checking it out? Here’s the link!


About Sheritta Bitikofer

Sheritta Bitikofer is a lifelong student of history with a specific interest in the Civil War era. Along with being a wife, historical fiction author, and fur-mama of two, she is an active member of the Mobile and Pensacola Civil War Roundtables and currently pursuing a bachelors degree in US History at American Public University. When she's not trekking across a battlefield or has her nose deep in a book, she enjoys coffee dates with her husband and watching her favorite shows.
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