1 – Bewitching Fire


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Krystal Hayden, a witch and co-owner of the Perfect Books and Brews coffee shop with her two best friends who are also witches, prides herself on being the steadying force amongst her friends. She always has an answer, keeps her cool, and never lets a little stress get to her. But one day, she has the pleasure of meeting the new cop in town, Devin Daniels who is a transfer from the Boston police department. He’s hot, enchanting, and they seem to be cut from the same cloth. She gives in to this feeling, thinking that a little fling wouldn’t hurt anyone. Little does she know, they’re Twin Flames.
Krystal’s dark elemental magic emerges and whenever things get too hot and heavy between her and the hunky cop, the fire just isn’t in their eyes. Devin’s got his own problems when a pattern of ritualistic murders start popping up in town, targeting the supposedly sinful characters of the community. Krystal and her friends endeavor to help Devin, but how much could magic possibly do when magic might have been the catalyst for the murders?