The Redemption Duet

The Rose and The Lion were first penned over ten years ago, originally over 200k words long together, and the first novel I had ever completed. A few years ago, I decided to tackle the monumental task of reworking it (because it wasn’t all that great, to be honest). Now, it’s been split into a duet (two book series) and ten times the novel it had once been. The characters are the same (for the most part), but the plot took a lot of adjusting.
I’m so incredibly proud of this piece. Not only because I adore the story and the characters, but because of its meaning. Those who personally know me that in the past, I’ve had problems with anxiety, depression, and self harm. While I’m not that person anymore, writing this duet has brought about an abundance of healing and revelation in my life and how I see the world. Packed with humor and introspection, The Rose is the first book of the duet that teaches a lesson about mental health and the value of self care.

Redemption Duet - 1