Decimus Trilogy

Not my first attempt at a paranormal romance, but certainly my first at one set in a historical time frame.

Follow Decimus Roscius Lupus, a gladiator of the Roman Empire in Verona, and Howard, a man on a quest to discover his ancestry.

1.) The Beast of Verona

2.) Amber Ashes

3.) Saving the Beast

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Everywhere Else

Story Behind the Story

So, originally this trilogy was meant to be unrelated short stories in a collection of paranormal romances. But, I came to discover that I can’t write anything short to save my life. As I was writing the second installment of this trilogy, the word count soared to double wha is expected of in a short story. To my chagrin, I then began to develop the first and integrated the same characters, turning just a few small ideas into a trilogy of novelettes. This is also the first paranormal historical romance I have ever attempted. I spent hours watching documentaries, researching to get as many facts right as possible. I’m sure that I have missed some important detail, but with limited funds to travel to places like Rome and Pompeii for the field research, this is the best I could do. This combines my love of history with my odd fascination with the paranormal and I hope readers will enjoy the stories as much as I enjoyed doing the research to write it.

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