Legacy Volume 3

The Convicts

Bart Croxen has set up an operation in New Orleans, Louisiana to reform and rehabilitate what the locals call “rougarous” – werewolves who have developed a taste for human flesh.

The Convicts - Teaser 1

The Soldier

In the middle of the American Civil War, the paths of two men cross. Dustin Keith is moved to save the life of a young, dying confederate soldier, but now Ben Myers is trapped in a difficult fate, unable to return home to the family he loves and misses.

The Soldier Teaser 1


The Outlaw

Running from his past, Ben finds himself back in the thick of a crisis when an orphaned farmgirl approaches him for help in finding her family’s murderer. Together, with the help of a rowdy cowboy accomplice, they have to find the notorious Clarence Biller and his gang of former Quantrill Raiders. Along the way, they partner with other werewolves on both sides of the law.

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The Deviants

For Logan Elster, life was hard enough. With a gambling drunkard of a father and a mother who had to lie about her bruises, there’s only so much a sixteen year old can do. But when he comes home to witness another beating, he flies into a rage and discovers something about his ancestry that he never knew before. He has inherited a frightening gift from his grandfather and has become a werewolf, inadvertently destroying everything he holds dear. In search of the only man who can help him, Logan finds more than just a mentor in the small town of Devia, Alabama. He finds a community of men just like him. A community of werewolves.

Deviants - 1