Loup-Garou Series

This is a series that’s dear to my heart. The first installment, “The Enigma”, was the first book I ever created a complete outline for and pursued as a full-length novel. I was a freshman in high school at the time and loved the idea of writing, but never did anything spectacular yet.


The creation of the series, and the completion of the first installment, was put on hold for nearly 6 years until I picked up writing again in 2014. Since then, it has expanded from a single-book story to an extensive series following the struggles of Katey, a young teenage orphan looking for a deeper purpose in life, and Logan who is a troubled werewolf looking for a balance between who he is and the beast thriving inside of him.

My concept of werewolves (or loups-garous as I like to call them) was founded from the creation of this story and has driven me to develop other stories and series (like the Decimus Trilogy) that take place in the same universe as Katey, Logan and their pack.

Loup-Garou Concept Art:

This is not my art, but I absolutely love the way that the artist for GoldenWolfen.com portrays werewolves and other werekin, and it helped me to visualize the loup-garous for my stories.