Enury Laws Concerning Christians and Foreigners

In my novel “Clouds”, the setting is a country called “Gadria”. They participated in a World War, but came off on the losing end. As a result, their economy failed and violence was on the rise. A new political party emerged called the “Patriotic Denizens for Advanced Resistence” or for short, called “Patridens”. The spokesperson for the Patridens was charismatic, promising a prospering economy, and end to class distinction and the annihilation of the threat he singled out as the Christians and foreigners. He blamed Christians for the failed economy and hate crimes that plagued the country and despised foreigners because they were to blame for their losing the war that began it all. He rose to power and established the Enury Laws, designed to control Christians and deport all foreigners in an attempt to rebuild the country to its former glory. This was 50 years ago and now our protagonists, Tabitha and Luke, are dealing with these harsh realities as they try to find a way for their love to survive in Gadria.
P.S – The “Todenlem” is the legislative seat of power of the country and the three law enforcement entities mentioned in Article II, part III are the forces in Gadria that police the Christians and other citizens of Gadria.


Enury Laws Concerning Christians – Established by the Todenlem

Article I – Identification of Christians

I. Christians must wear identifying blue cloths visible on their persons. The cloth may have no pattern or markings. The cloth must be worn on the person, not on an article of clothing, unless worn around the arm over a sleeve (ie not tied to a lapel or belt loop). The cloth cannot be worn below the waist for visibility sake. Any Christian found not wearing the cloth is subject to arrest and prosecution.

II. In addition to wearing the blue cloth, Christians above the age of three must receive a tattoo of a black cross upon their left wrist. A Gyad officer can only do application of this tattoo. Removal or alterations of this mark is prohibited and if evidence is found that a mark has been altered or removed, the Christian will be arrested and prosecuted.

III. A Christian can, at any time, be expected to produce proof of their Christian identity such as the wearing of the blue cloth or wrist mark. If cooperation of this law is not observed, the Christian is subject to arrest.


Article II – General Righs of a Christian

I. Christians are denied the rights and priveledges of citizenship of Gadria.

II. Christians are considered as foreigners and may not fly the Gadrian flag or display the Patridens symbol anywhere on their persons.

III. Christians are expected to unconditionally obey any order given by a Crexamp, Yerkis or Gyad while in uniform. Failure to do so may subject the Christian to arrest.

IV. Christians will not be granted citizenship if they renounce their faith.

V. Christians do not have the right to vote in any public or private elections in Gadrian.

VI. Christians are not permitted to leave the country under any circumstances. Any Christian found trying to leave are subject to arrest and prosecution.


Article III. Christians in the Work Force

I. Christians may hold no high office in the government or a position of influence inside the establishment in which they work.

II. Any Christian that has been found to be unproductive in the work force of Gadria will be deported.

III. No Christian may join any of the military organizations in Gadria.

IV. Rules for work conduct and disciplinary actions may be established by businesses that employ Christians.

V. Christian woman who are giving birth are permitted a leave of absence from work for 2 weeks without pay.

VI. Christians working inside the ghetto are under the direct scrutiny of the Gyad.

VII. Christians may not own or operate businesses inside the ghettos. Government appointed officials are the only individuals permitted to operate said businesses.


Article IV. Pertaining to Money and Currency

I. Christians may not possess any form of currency besides the credit vouchers that are given them by their employers. Wage minimum is 1 credit voucher per hour of work, but establishment owners may dictate a Christian wage at their discretion.

II. Credit vouchers are not accepted outside of the ghettos in stores, restaurants or places of service owned and operated by citizens.


Article V. Christian Families, Relationship and Children

I. No Christian may marry or have intimate relationships with anyone other than a fellow Christian. If such a relationship is discovered, the Christian and Gadrian will be arrested and prosecuted.

II. All children born of current Christians are also subject to these laws.

III. Christian children of school age are not permitted to enroll in any school or academic institution, but may receive private education provided by their families inside ghettos.

IV. Christian marriages within the ghetto may be performed by their own ministers, but are not permitted to taking a leave of absence from work.


Article VI. Concerning Christian Residency

I. Christians must be in inside the ghetto walls between the hours of 10pm and 7am. Any Christian found outside the ghetto walls during these times, escorted or not, will be arrested and prosecuted.

II. Christians may not hold residence outside of the predetermined ghetto neighborhoods. Apartments and/or houses will be assigned to families and individuals. Christians may live in these apartments or houses rent-free as long as they can continued to work.


Article VII. Christian Possessions.

I. Christians may hold no property, business, servants or belongings besides what is necessary to survive (ie clothing, food, etc)

II. Christians are not permitted to own weapons of any kind. Any weapon found on a Christian will be confiscated and then arrested.


Article VIII. Concerning Christian Faith

I. No Christian may practice any form of worship or evangelism outside of the ghetto walls. If a Christian is found worshiping in any form (including, but not limited to singing, praying, reading of scriptures, preaching, teaching religious doctrines and prophetic utterances) the Christian will be arrested and prosecuted.

II. A secular Gadrian found to have converted to the Christian faith will immediately be subjugated to these laws and deported to the nearest ghetto.


Article IX. Christians in Gadrian Public Communities

I. Any establishment may deny service to Christians and prohibit them from entering said establishment.

II. Christians are restricted access to public and government facilities of any kind, with the exception of judicial court buildings upon the condition that they are being brought to trial for violating any of the Enury Laws Concerning Christians.

III. Christians may not be admitted into any hospital or clinic outside of their ghettos. Any clinical care for Christians must be administered inside the ghettos at their designated clinic stations, supplied with the basic necessities for first aid care. All supplies are provided by the Gadian community where the ghetto is located.


Enury Laws Concerning Foreigners:

I. Those that are born in Gadria, regardless of family origin, are considered citizens of Gadria. All others of foreign birth are denied the rights and priveledges of citizenship and therefore are not welcome in Gadria.

II. Any foreigners found in Gadria will be deported across borders immediately.

III. Only exception to clause II is reserved for those who have temporary permits to enter Gadria on business or trade affairs and may only stay as long as the permit states. If a foreigner is found in Gadria with an expired permit, they will be immediately deported.



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