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Being the makeup artist for a big-name movie star is a dream come true for Josie Carter. A zealous fan of movies from Hollywood’s Golden Age, she’s come a long way from her small town roots in Arkansas to the remake of The Wolfman being shot in Scotland. She’d pushed aside her own passion for acting after a tragedy many years ago. Now she uses her talents to make stars shine on the silver screen. Not that her newest client needs much help in looking gorgeous.

Rodney Bator has been named Sexist Man Alive for three years in a row. Not bad for a werewolf who’s more than two hundred years old and got his start on the stage before silent movies were even being made. For all those years he’s tried to prove his kind doesn’t have to hide in the shadows, but can live fearlessly among humans. But old-world superstitions persist and pressure from his family and the world’s alphas is mounting. Maybe it’s time to step out of the limelight and settle down. Rodney knows just who he wants to settle down with. Can he convince Josie to take a chance on love or will she yell “cut” on his hopes when she learns his secret?

Then a careless mistake throws a lethal new plot twist into Rodney’s script, endangering more than the movie’s success. How can their Hollywood romance survive when someone is so determined to turn it into a real-life horror movie?