2 – Becoming the Enigma


When high school student Katey McCoy accepted the offer of the boy she fell in love with, she knew her world would be changed forever. She just didn’t realize how profound—and dangerous—those changes would be. Logan Keith, her handsome schoolmate, is a werewolf—a loup-garou—and now, Katey is one as well, the first female to ever survive the transformation.
It doesn’t take long for Katey to understand she’s not the indestructible monster of myths and legends. Getting used to her strong, beautiful new body, her intense new senses, and her obligations to her new pack is hard work, but Katey’s determined to be the best. To her surprise, and sorrow, Katey’s transformation didn’t bring Logan closer as she’d hoped. Instead, he’s become standoffish, and at the same time, strangely possessive, especially when a rival loup-garou plans to claim Katey as his own.
Then they’re plunged into even greater danger. A new threat is determined to annihilate the werewolves. Will Logan be strong enough to confront his feelings for Katey? Or will an ancient prophecy rip them apart forever?

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