Love, Your Baby Girl

I have so many amazing friends in the writing/author community and when I see that one of them is releasing something new and exciting, I’m going to try and share it with everyone I know! Shaunna Rodriguez has been an awesome sounding board and encouraging women as we both work through this tough, sometimes stressful, career. She’s releasing a book that echoes a song I absolutely love by Sugarland. It’s about following one’s dream, knowing the first few steps of the journey are tough, but so worth it in the end. And that’s what her new novel is about! Check it out if you love romantic mysteries with a Grand Ole Opry twist!

Get it on Amazon today!

Charlotte Davis has been stealing hearts with her melodic voice since she was knee high to a grasshopper. Singing in the spotlight on the Grand Ole Opry stage is a life-long dream she is determined to fulfill. Drawn to the neon lights and country sounds, Charlotte seizes the courage to start a new life and moves to Nashville to find her big break.

Kasey Brooks is spellbound the second he sees Charlotte’s shimmering blue eyes and flaxen hair. Lucky for him, her craving to play guitar and croon gives him the opportunity to spend every spare second getting to know her.

Booking as many gigs as she can, Charlotte hopes to catch the ear of a talent scout, one in particular. Marvin Doyle is the top of the heap when it comes to spotting talent. The names of country mega stars he has endorsed and promoted is long and notable, and Charlotte has every intention of being on that list.

A breaking news headline declaring a mysterious murder has Charlotte reeling and asking oodles of questions.

Will the stage see another star in the making, or will it be lights out for Charlotte when the murderer strikes again?


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Something About Sheritta #5

Who is your hero and why?

It’s going to sound terribly cliché, but when I really think hard about it, I have two heroes.
The first is my mom. She was a single mother, raising a little girl with some help from her parents, but for the most part, she was fiercely independent and still is. I remember her doing things that were normally the “man’s job” because they had to be done. Stuff that I would rather give my husband to do, like mowing the lawn, taking out the trash, replacing garage door torsion springs, etc., my mom would have to do herself. I recently wrote a novel that really shifted the way I look at my mom and the struggles she went through without a husband. She didn’t find love again until I was in high school, so the majority of my life, I saw her stand alone. Never a week goes by when I think to myself “My mom would have done it this way” or “This is something my mom would do, so I should be able to as well”. As often as she frustrates me, I see more of her coming out in my personality all the time. Even today, I’m listening to some 80s music that her and I used to listen to and it brings back fond memories.
My second hero is my husband, in the sense that he saves me so many times that I am forever indebted to him. He’s been my rock, my foundation, my leaning-post, my sanity for the last ten years (five dating, five married). There have been times in my life when there was no sunshine, no light at the end of the tunnel (or if there was, it was an oncoming train). But he never fails to come in and bring me out of a funk with his goofiness. A few times, he’s stopped me from making terrible decisions that could have caused me some real harm. When I say I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for him, I’m not exaggerating or being dramatic. He’s held my pieces together when all I wanted to do was fall apart. No man could tolerate me the way he does and I’m forever blessed that I get to be his wife and lover.

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The Packs Are Growing, But For How Long?

The seventh novella of the Legacy Series is live! Follow Dustin Keith from Ireland to France and see what troubles follow him!

Get It Now on Amazon!

The-Irishman-Kindle*Ireland, 1770*
Dustin Keith only wants two things in life; to have fun and marry his childhood sweetheart. When he finally wins the approval of her traditional father, he thinks that things couldn’t get better. But when what should have been a blissful wedding night turns into a walking nightmare, Dustin must come to grips with a part of himself that harkens back to the old-world superstitions that he thought he could leave behind when he said his vows. After shifting for the first time into a faoladh – werewolf – Dustin flees from his homeland and washes up on the shores of France, where an alpha and his family take him in to nurse him back to health. But Dustin couldn’t completely escape Ireland and danger follows him all the way to Darren Dubose’s homestead.


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A Taste of Ireland, Teasers

Just one more day before The Irishman goes live on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited! Don’t forget to reserve a copy so it’ll be delivered right to your Kindle!


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Rules are broken and hearts are put in peril on the long highway…

New Release by Marie Savage! 


From Author Marie Savage who brought you the Holiday Love Series comes a NEW sexy story

On the highway, bad things can happen …
Aimee Jo Elliot isn’t having a good day. Her long anticipated journey to California is cut short when her car is stolen. Stranded at a truck stop in Alabama, with no car, no money, and most of all, no hope, she’s desperate to get back on the road. California holds the answer to her dreams and an escape from the danger she’s left behind in Georgia. Accepting a ride from the sexy truck driver has its own set of risks, but she never considered it would be to her heart.

The life of an asphalt cowboy …
Luke McIntyre has life all figured out. He owns his own rig, makes his own rules, and only answers to himself. The solitude of life on the road suits him just fine. Not one for permanent relationships, he has no problems picking up temporary lovers. And he always makes sure they know the score—hot sex, respect, but no strings. His quiet life is shot to hell, however, when he offers the Georgia beauty a ride. He soon discovers that rules are made to be broken.

In for the long haul …
Luke and Aimee Jo soon realize their simple four-day journey is anything but simple. An instant attraction sidetracks their well-made plans and dreams. When they reach California, decisions must be made. Will they go their separate ways, or journey on together?

Get it TODAY on Amazon!

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Something About Sheritta #4

What is your writing process? For instance do you do an outline first? Do you do the chapters first?

I start with character names. I’ve tried to start with the outline first, but found it got confusing because I would plot out these scenes without knowing names and sometimes my notes wouldn’t make sense. Once I have my entire cast of characters figured out and how they’re all interconnected, I set to writing the chapter outlines. I used to do bullet points, but I’m starting to chart it all out in a three-column table so I can see notes about character development for each chapter and what kind of emotion needs to be conveyed. I never write a single word of the manuscript until I have the outline completely done and fine-tuned. Even when it’s done, something may come up in the course of writing the manuscript and things change, but I at least like to know where I’m going before I start.
About the same time I’m making this outline, I’ll make some basic notes about how I want the characters to develop over the course of the story. Will she get over a certain fear? Will he let go of a grudge? Stuff like that. Along with the chapter map, it helps me to understand the characters, which aids me when I’m writing out their dialogue and narrative.
Then, I start writing. I like to do about half a chapter a day, which can range from 2,000 to 3,500 words. If I’ve got a good flow going, I won’t stop there and keep going with the rest of the chapter. I like to divide up my point-of-view segments that way. So, you may see that half of the chapter is dedicated to the heroine’s perspective and then the other half is for her hero. Doing only half a chapter a day can help me reset and get into the other character’s mindset. When I’m not writing, I try to immerse myself into the next scene and get the right attitude. My day job is a blessing because I can listen to music, which will help set the mood for when I’m ready to write once I get home. The actual writing process could take me anywhere from a month and a half to two months. The exception was when I wrote a 85,000 word novel in a little over two weeks.
Once the final sentence is written, I usually treat myself to a nice dinner out with my husband or splurge on lunch for myself. Then, I give myself a couple of days to rest and regroup. Sometimes, I’ll work on the plot outline for another book or take some time to read or study the craft. Only then, once I’ve halfway emptied my head of the story, I’ll go back and do a first round of edits. Sometimes I’ll read it silently to myself, but I’ve found that I catch more typos when I have a text-to-speech program reading it to me. That could take me about a week, maybe two, because I’ll spend one afternoon editing two or three chapters.
Once my personal rounds of editing are done, I send it off to beta readers, editors, and carry on with the rest of the self-publishing process.

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The Luck of the Irish is Running Out for Dustin…

Here’s a taste of what you can expect in The Irishman, releasing May 18th!

Preorder Here! 

(From chapter 3)

Katherine was glad that Shawn understood her need to stay at Samuel Flanagan’s for the evening. The close connection between the Keiths and the Flanagans was made perfectly clear to him before they ever married and she told him straight out that if the need came, she’d be at Cassandra or Samuel’s side in an instant. Now was no exception. Besides, Shawn could never bear funerals. He attended the burial with her, but no more. He was much more inclined to stay home or go to the pub until the whole hysteria blew over. Their two little ones needed looking after either way.
Samuel put on a brave face for the funeral, but once the mourners were gone and they were shut up in his house, he was nearly inconsolable. He simply sat by the fireplace, staring at the chair where Cassandra used to sit and knit during her free time when she wasn’t doing chores or going off with Dustin.
The old man barely responded to her questions and when he did, they were in single syllables that were sometimes unintelligible to begin with. Katherine gave what little comfort she could, but she knew that she couldn’t stay forever. After she started up a big pot of soup and gave up on any type of conversation, she set to straightening up the house and cleaning it to the best of her ability, knowing the man wouldn’t get around to cleaning it himself for quite some time. From what Dustin told her, Cassandra did all the cleaning in the past.
Her thoughts continually came back to what had become of her younger brother. No one had seen him after the reception. Not a single sign or word from him at all. If he was around, hiding somewhere, he surely would have come for the funeral. Katherine wondered if he had befallen a similar fate as Cassandra and his body just hadn’t been found yet.
But, she forced out that thought and scrubbed down the dining table even harder, as if pouring herself into her task would silence those disturbing whispers of melancholy. There was quite enough sadness to go around and she wouldn’t add to it with her own suspicions. Men were already out searching for Dustin and she was sure that they would find him, alive and well.
As if her own thoughts on her brother had been spoken out in the open, Samuel replied to them.
“He did it,” the old man grumbled. “I know he did.”
Katherine straightened and fisted the washcloth in her hand. “What was that?”
Samuel blinked slowly and then rubbed the heel of his palm into his eye. It did little to hide the tear that leaked out and curled under his chin.
“He did this to her. I know he did.” Continue reading

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Something About Sheritta #3

What kind of research do you do before you begin writing a book?

While I write a lot of urban fantasy and paranormal, I also seem to set up camp in the historical department. For that reason, I love research. By The Book didn’t require a lot of the kind of research I’m used to. I watched hours of country line dancing videos the chapter before they all go dancing, which came in handy a week later. My husband and I were at a party and they played Copperhead Road. I had never done the dance before, but I got up and was able to join in all because of my research that I did for this novella. In other books – particularly my historical series – I do extensive research. One time, I spent days trying to look up what a particular bath house in Pompeii looked like for a three or four paragraph scene in my shifter series, The Decimus Trilogy. I watched countless documentaries, read articles, looked through Google Earth, but I couldn’t find this one bathhouse. Then, I went to YouTube and a tourist had shot a five-minute video with their phone of the exact bathhouse I was looking for. I was overjoyed, but furious at the same time because I had held up work on the story until I had this one detail right. Part of my obsessive personality is that I want to make things just perfect, because I fear some history buff will come in and blast me for an inaccuracy.
The series I’m working on right now, The Legacy Series, stretches across time from 1555 England to Chicago 1920s. Each novella skips around countries too. I’ve learned so much through writing that series, probably more than any one person should know. I learned how to cuss someone out in Irish Gaelic, how to present myself in Navajo (in correct clan order), and the history of Australia down to how many people were on the prison ships as they were coming over to colonize New South Wales. I know some of these little details may never make it into the story, but knowing them as a writer helps me to flesh out my characters and know what is and what isn’t possible for the story.

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It’s just a gift…

Here’s a sneak into the most recent novel work. Crossing my fingers this can be traditionally published. Caution: very raw, no editing.


Chapter 2

Erica hadn’t realized how much time had passed until Tracy and Burt had left and all the boxes were dispersed into their separate rooms. Looking around her new home, she knew she’d be in need of new furniture. Her skimpy futon couch, particle board end tables, and the folding card table set up in the breakfast nook were almost painful to look at in the elegant rooms with their beautifully carved chair rails and flowered wallpaper.
She needed good, vintage furniture worthy of a place this gorgeous. Images of patterned cushions and marble in-laid coffee tables came to mind, along with a hefty price tag. As soon as her business took off, she’d put all her profits toward fixing up the interior, along with the accents to make it even more stunning. She wanted her clients to be transported the moment they walked through the doors. Not to be thrown when they expect old world grandeur and are greeted by a poor, contemporary excuse for a dining table. It was all she could afford at the time.
But it’d be a while before she’d invite her clients into her home for photoshoots. For now, she resolved to utilize the simple beauties of nature for her backdrops and more involved photo sessions. She had seen an abandoned farm just outside of town and Jade Lake could always be relied on for a stunning backdrop. If she could clean up her own yard and put some of her mother’s landscaping tricks to good use, that could be another location for family portraits or graduation photos.
For now, Erica’s stomach demanded she stop looking to the bright and promising future. She hadn’t taken the time to go grocery shopping, but she wanted to indulge in another childhood fantasy that resurfaced when she arrived in Tolstone square. There was a little diner she had wanted to visit during their trips to the town, but her mother always said they couldn’t.
So, she grabbed her purse and stepped out on her front porch. Perhaps her one regret was that it was too early in the season for the gardenia bushes to be blooming. She didn’t necessarily believe in signs, but if there ever could have been a sign that her mother approved of her decision to move to Tolstone, blooming gardenia bushes would have been it.
Though her jeep sat waiting for her to take a ride to the square, she passed it by in favor of walking. She wanted to see the other houses and secretly compare them to her own. Growing up, it was as if she wore blinders when riding down these streets. She never noticed any of them. Her eyes were always glued to the next corner, willing her mother to drive a little faster or ignore the stop signs at each intersection.
Passing by all the other grand, older homes along Crescent Lane and down toward the square, she realized there was nothing particularly special or extravagant about her new home. All the others were just as old, just as beautiful in their own way with manicured hedges and decorated front porches. That realization, that her house was just another matchstick in the box, didn’t dim her love for it. The house she and her mother had practically worshipped was still her own and no one could take that from her now.
Over half an hour of walking brought her to Tolstone town square. Some were leaving their places of work, cars pulling through the roundabout as they had been all day long. There were few pedestrians out on the sidewalks and the benches around the fountain sat vacant and lonely. A pleasant idea entered her mind that perhaps she could take her lunches by the fountain every day when the weather permitted. She could never do something like that in her old home. Her neighborhood was too far from any place worth going and it would have been dangerous to walk in the streets by herself. Here, the air seemed infused with a safe, welcoming vibe that endeared Erica to the town even more.
She turned to her right to walk under the awnings stretching out from the tall buildings that boxed in this piece of small town treasure. Many of the shops were already closed, which is something she’d have to get used to. Even shop owners had families and homes to go to in the evening. She guessed every place in town was closed on Sunday, too.
She found her way to Lunar Lantern Diner easily. It was the only place still open, a golden glow filtering out like a guiding light for the hungry and bored. Inside, several booths and tables were already occupied by couples and families.
Erica had never gotten a good look through the wide windows when she and her mother passed it by on their way to Jade Lake, but what stood out most in her memory were the smiles. Everyone inside was happy to be there, talking and laughing with their friends.
She stepped inside and felt inquisitive eyes fall on her. In a small town like Tolstone, a newcomer must have been a rare sight, especially if they saw her walking up along the sidewalk instead of sliding out from a car. But she paid them no mind as she gazed around and grinned like a child who just walked into a candy store with a twenty-dollar bill in her fist. Continue reading

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Travel to Ireland in this New Novella!

Everyone’s favorite surly Irishman has a novella of his own in The Legacy Series! Find out how Dustin Keith become a faoladh – werewolf – and how he came to become part of Darren Dubose’s pack! This novella has all the feels you expect, knowing a piece of Dustin’s past from what’s been mentioned in the Loup-Garou Series. This novella was so fun to write, but my heartstrings were rubbed a little raw at some parts. You don’t want to miss the next installment of this novella series!

Releasing May 18th! 

The-Irishman-Kindle*Ireland, 1770*
Dustin Keith only wants two things in life; to have fun and marry his childhood sweetheart. When he finally wins the approval of her traditional father, he thinks that things couldn’t get better. But when what should have been a blissful wedding night turns into a walking nightmare, Dustin must come to grips with a part of himself that harkens back to the old-world superstitions that he thought he could leave behind when he said his vows. After shifting for the first time into a faoladh – werewolf – Dustin flees from his homeland and washes up on the shores of France, where an alpha and his family take him in to nurse him back to health. But Dustin couldn’t completely escape Ireland and danger follows him all the way to Darren Dubose’s homestead.



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