Precedents Teasers

Here’s a little something else to get you excited for this new release! Have you preordered yet? You should! Follow THIS LINK to Amazon NOW!

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Sneak Peek into Precedents (Loup-Garou Series Book Four)

I am so excited for the release of Precedents on January 17th, y’all can’t even imagine! I have been so eager to share this installment of Logan and Katey’s story for so long! Here’s a little sneak peek into chapter six because I can barely contain my excitement! Remember to preorder your copy so it gets delivered right to your reading device on release day! Follow THIS LINK to Amazon!

Ben almost immediately regretted his decision as he pulled into the parking lot of the fight club. The abandoned warehouse was packed with loups-garous and humans alike, men and some women, eager to watch the carnage and bloodshed. And blood had certainly been spilled on the property recently. The smell hit Ben as soon as he stepped out of his car.
He had only ever been to the fight club once and Ben knew he didn’t want to return. Why he volunteered himself to drag Logan’s sorry carcass back home was beyond his understanding. Perhaps it was the memory of their confrontation from earlier that day, or the way Katey had talked about Logan not being delighted about the idea of having twins.
Loups-garous, just like wolves, adored children and the promise of a continuing legacy. Also just like wolves, they needed to blow off steam every once and a while. Ben wondered if this was why Logan had ghosted on them.
The father-to-be should have been thrilled like the others, but Ben hadn’t gotten that impression since before that morning. Having one baby might have been all he could get excited about. Twice the babies didn’t mean twice the joy to him as it did to Darren or any of the others.
Maybe that was why Logan was here, slamming his fists around like a fool while Katey waited at home, working herself into a nervous fervor. He had promised her not to fight and Ben wasn’t about to let him go back on his word.
The inside of the warehouse had been modified from its original steel manufacturing purpose into something of a bar and fight club combined. The stench of stale beer, sweat, and piss whirled around Ben’s mind as he tried to orient himself amongst the throngs of undulating bodies.
Heavy rock blared over the speakers around the room, sending some of the occupants into a fit of convulsions that might have been an off-handed excuse for dancing. Patches of these punks were speckled all around, oblivious to the caged matches going on in the center of the expansive room.
Along one wall stretched a bar with bottles and tap stations behind it, the patrons of the club drinking their fill and reeling on the leather stools. Women, dressed in clothes suggesting their profession of choice, waited along the walls, calling and propositioning to men who were passing them by.
Ben ignored them all and shoved his way toward the ring. Inside, Logan had his hands full, beating in a man’s face who was nearly twice his size. Blood and snot slicked the floor of the ring beneath Logan’s feet. Continue reading

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Precedents Cover Reveal & Preorder!

OMG GUYS! It’s finally coming! The fourth book of the Loup-Garou Series! This is gonna be awesome and if you haven’t read the previous three books, you’ll want to. Get ready to find out exactly how Katey and Logan come to the end of this long and tumultuous journey. There’s tons of feels in this one, people. I know because I even shed a few tears writing it. Don’t trust me? Read what this ARC reader said!


Interest sparked? Add Precedents to your TBR list on Goodreads from THIS LINK and Preorder through Amazon with THIS LINK !

If that’s not enough, check out the amazing cover!

Precedents-KindleKatey Keith never expected to marry so young. She also never expected to be pregnant, or the first female loup-garou—werewolf—to give birth in thousands of years. As the embodiment of a Spirit of Peace, Katey’s carrying more than just her precious babies. She’s also carrying the future of her race. Her husband is doing what he can to help, but he has his own troubles.

What does Logan Keith know about being a father? He’s never had a good example in his life. And babies cost a lot of money. Logan’s doing whatever it takes to support his family, even if his sometimes dangerous jobs ignite clashes with Katey.

Then Katey and Logan, along with their pack, are summoned to an ancient castle carved into the snowy mountains in Switzerland. The council is meeting for the first time since the great Arnathian civilization fell apart due to the feud between werewolves and vampires. Can these two races make peace after spending centuries at war with one another? Katey’s supposed to be a great figurehead for the proceedings, but what does she know about politics or negotiating peace? But after an assassination attempt, one thing is clear. Someone is determined to unleash a great evil and make sure that Katey and her loup-garou family have no future at all.

What are you waiting for?! Releasing January 17th!

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My 2-Cents on New Years Resolutions

So, I know in the past I’ve been like “New Year, New Me” and “I’m gonna get these things done this year”, but I’ve come to learn something over the last six or so months.

New Years Resolutions/Goals aren’t supposed to be a thing.

We should always been improving ourselves. If we don’t like something, we should change it here and now, and not wait for the ball to drop in New York for us to do something about it. I’ll admit that there’s a certain “newness” or “wash the slate clean” kind of moment when the clock strikes midnight and suddenly we have to remember to put the right year when we sign stuff, but what usually happens? We make the resolutions, we write them on a piece of paper or pin them to a wall somewhere to remind us of our vows to lose weight, be a better person, make more money, do more things – but in the end, do we actually achieve those goals? Can you remember the last time you actually did what you set out to do when January 1st rolled around? Did you lose that 20 pounds? Did you end up tacking on that extra $10k to your salary somehow? Or did you forget? Did you eat a few extra donuts more than you should have? Did you end up losing that job and getting another?

I’m not saying that goals are bad. They’re awesome. They should be made and conquered within reason. What I’m saying is that I’m not going to jump on the bandwagon and make a resolution this year like every mother’s child on the planet.

Instead, I’m making a vow to be true to myself. That’s all I can ever promise and all I can ever hope to accomplish. I don’t want to make a goal and say I’ll publish X amount of books this year or lose that extra belly fat. I’ll still try, but on my own terms and in my own time. I don’t need a bunch of 2018 party hats and fireworks to tell me that I need to improve myself. I’ve known that for years.

So, I encourage you to take a moment instead, to reflect on all that happened this past year. Was it a good year? Was it bad? Did it go by too fast or slow? Whatever your answer is, keep in mind that it’s the past. It’s meant to mold us, teach us, and then be left in the rearview mirror. No matter what the next year holds for you and your family – and I hope it’s good – rest assured that as long as you’re still breathing, as long as you’ve survived every day leading up to this moment, your story isn’t over.

I wish you a happy new year, filled with blessings!



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Now Availble on Audio!

It’s here! Becoming the Enigma is now available on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes!



When high school student Katey McCoy accepted the offer of the boy she fell in love with, she knew her world would be changed forever. She just didn’t realize how profound – and dangerous – those changes would be. Logan Keith, her handsome schoolmate, is a werewolf – a loup-garou – and now, Katey is one as well, the first female to ever survive the transformation.
It doesn’t take long for Katey to understand she’s not the indestructible monster of myths and legends. Getting used to her strong, beautiful new body, her intense new senses, and her obligations to her new pack is hard work, but Katey’s determined to be the best. To her surprise and sorrow, Katey’s transformation didn’t bring Logan closer as she’d hoped. Instead, he’s become standoffish and, at the same time, strangely possessive, especially when a rival loup-garou plans to claim Katey as his own.
Then, they’re plunged into even greater danger. A new threat is determined to annihilate the werewolves. Will Logan be strong enough to confront his feelings for Katey? Or will an ancient prophecy rip them apart forever?



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It’s Coming! Becoming the Enigma Audio!

Hey y’all! I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas and you have my warmest blessings for a fantastic new year on the horizon!

I’ve got some news! Becoming the Enigma is coming to Audible and Amazon audio! It’s not live yet, but I wanted to get you a little sneak peek into what you can expect. It’s gonna be epic! Stay tuned to my blog and newsletter for the latest news when it’s available!


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The Legacy Series Novellas

The first step in this long journey to flesh out these novellas is finally done. The first four novellas are out and available on Amazon! Best news? The print version with the complete four novellas is coming soon and the audiobook is currently in the works! Follow my blog and other social media for updates and notices about new releases! If you loved the Loup-Garou Series and were curious about the characters, this is a novella series you’ll want to keep track of!

Legacy V1 - 2

The Legend 
John Croxen, convinced that he is possessed by a demon, takes a risk when he saves the life of a beautiful gypsy woman one night while roaming the forests of England. However, Annalette is not as she appears. She knows that John is not demon possessed, but in fact a loup-garou – a werewolf. Alone and in need of his unique kind of help, Annalette strikes a bargain with John. If he can help rescue her condemned brother from prison, she will tell him everything he needs to know about being a loup-garou.

The Guide 
Tor, the last priest of the half-man, half-god Wepwawet, is thrown out of his solitude when an Italian explorer recruits the werewolf to help him and his vampire employer, Michael Gennari, to find the lost civilization of Arnathia where their races used to live in peace and harmony. On a quest to find out why their kind can’t get along, Tor finds himself the unwilling focus of Michael’s young vampire daughter, Jane.

The Frenchman 
Darren Dubose was born into a sickly life as the bastard child to a former French noblewoman. After one night of torturous pain, he awakes to find himself strong, fast, and in possession of amazingly keen senses. That’s not all, though. Under the guidance of the local baker, Darren finds out that he is a werewolf and needs to find an alpha to train him. With only a name, he points Darren in the direction of France, but he’s leaving behind more than just his home and family.

The Prophecy 
Werewolf brothers Geoffrey and Hugo Swenson search the world for tales about their kind. Their most recent search has sent them to Russia where they seek a mythical White Wolf of Peace, who is foretold to have the power to eradicate hate and violence in the world. They’re joined by a vampire lord, Michael Gennari, on their quest, but it soon becomes apparent that the seekers of peace have a lot to learn about peace itself.

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Silver Screen on Audio!

It’s here! Silver Screen is fully live on Audible!

If you’ve already read the story, you’re going to love John Fehsken’s performance of this sweet paranormal romance. Take a listen into chapter one of the audiobook below and check out THIS LINK to Audible to get your copy today! Do you commute long hours or need something to listen to while you clean the house or cook dinner? Maybe you should try some audiobooks to pass the time! Sign up to get your first free audiobook with their trial program. First month’s subscription is free!

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25 Days of Christmas

Christmas came early today! Looking for great holiday themed stories to get you in the spirit for the season? You’ll want to check out this great anthology! For those who don’t know, an anthology is a collection of stories that revolve around a theme or focus. 25 Days of Christmas is a collection of Christmas, Thanksgiving, and News Years romance stories that level in steaminess from near-erotic to super sweet (which is what mine is). They’re nice little novellas you can read by the fire while sipping on your hot cocoa.

My story, Wolves in Wintertime, is one of the 25 excellent stories amongst some amazing and talented authors. It’s a story about a teenager who is the daughter of a werewolf alpha. She’s dragged all the way to Alaska to attend a national gathering of other werewolves to celebrate the last full moon of the year. While staying in the hotel, she meets another werewolf about her age and they’re immediately attracted to one another. The catch? He belongs to a rival werewolf pack that doesn’t like her father and don’t like outsiders intruding on their pack dynamics. Well, Amber and Danny are about shake things up. Here’s a sneak back into chapter 3 of Wolves in Wintertime.

To purchase the anthology, follow THIS LINK to Amazon!

Amber tapped the eraser end of her pencil against the textbook page, her legs lightly kicking the air behind her, as she laid on her stomach on the hotel bed. Her eyes were zoned out over the image of the chimp with its lips curled back in a goofy pose for the camera. She was supposed to be finishing up some winter break homework for her biology class, but that was nearly impossible.
Every minute or so, Amber twisted around and looked at the clock on the nightstand. Eight o’clock couldn’t come soon enough. With a sigh, she looked back to her notebook page. A few of the light blue lines were filled, but if anyone had asked her what she had just read, she wouldn’t be able to give them an answer.
Her mind was filled with other things far more interesting than school work. The first meeting with Danny replayed over and over again in her mind, eliciting a grin or suppressed giggle each time.
Danny tripped over the starting line, but it was adorable the way he tried to pick himself back up and continue the race. It was a rocky start, but Amber knew that slow and steady always won the race. Yet, how slow could they really take it? The gathering would be over in a week’s time and they would part ways. She’d be back in Missouri before the end of the year, and Danny would go back to wherever it was he came from.
That wasn’t going to stop her from enjoying this.
Downstairs, she could hear the rest of her father’s pack talking and playing billiards in the complimentary game room that was connected to the suite. Not all packs were given suites with kitchenettes and game rooms, but Ethan had enough clout with the local pack to pull off the accommodations.
The downside was they had to room-up with a smaller pack from Florida that they were unfamiliar with. Ethan and Peter debriefed them about her, and the pack was more than willing to comply. Though none of them traveled with women, it looked like they were far from interested in her.
There was a sharp rap on the door and Amber jerked. Alone in the hotel room she shared with her father, she thought she would have been left alone.
“Yes?” she grumbled. There was no reason to raise her voice to a werewolf who could hear her breathing, even with a wall between them.
Her father walked in and shut the door behind him. She crawled back from her open textbook and sat cross-legged on top of the slightly wrinkled comforter. With a kind smile, he sat on the edge of the bed and looked to her unfinished homework.
Amber expected a scolding or some harsh words that she should have been done an hour or so ago. He looked neither angry nor suspicious. When she dismissed herself after dinner, Ethan didn’t look entirely pleased, as if he had something planned for her, and she had ruined it.
“I wanted to make sure you were all right,” he said.
Amber bit her lips and nodded. “I’m all right. Just having a hard time focusing.”
Ethan pinched the corner of the textbook and slid it around so he could skim through the page. His eyes, the color of dark ice tea, absorbed the information faster than she ever would. Werewolves were incredibly smart. They remembered everything, retaining knowledge like a sponge that soaked up water. Younger werewolves breezed through school like it was nothing, while Amber would continuously struggle.
He snorted and smiled. “It’s amazing what scientists are discovering nowadays.”
Ethan was over five hundred years old, with tinges of grey in his beard and at his temples. He was there when they invented indoor plumbing, but he’d also lived through tremendous trials as a werewolf. When she was little, before he became so involved in pack business, he told her bedtime stories about witch hunts, and dodging suspicion from colonists during the revolutionary war. At the time, it was just stories. In later years, Amber learned to appreciate the hardships he’d survived.
“But they haven’t discovered you yet,” she remarked as she gripped her ankles.
His brows shrugged and he let out a deep sigh. “This is true… It may just be a matter of time.”
Amber didn’t want to talk about anything so serious. She had grown up with werewolves and had never been afraid of them in their human form or full wolf form. There were plenty of other humans like her who knew about the supernatural, but how would the world react? There were already hunters who dedicated their lives to hunting down packs. How many more would pop up if the news went worldwide?
“When’s the gathering again?” she asked, changing the subject.
“This Friday,” he answered, as he slid the book back to its original place and looked up to his daughter. “The Christmas banquet will be held at noon that day, and we’ll do our gift exchange before we leave for the night.”
Amber thought of her father’s gift that was tucked away in her suitcase. It had taken her a lot of time and thought to figure out what Ethan would want. Her mother had always picked out the gifts and put both of their names on it, so Ethan would think it came from both of them. It wasn’t that Amber didn’t care. She just didn’t know her father well enough anymore.
“You don’t have to stay in the room the whole trip,” Ethan told her. “There are plenty of things to do in town, and Peter knows quite a few of them. He’s happy to look after you, so don’t feel like you’re inconveniencing him.”
She was sure hanging out with Peter for a week would be fun. Unlike her father, Peter wasn’t so rigid. The beta bent the rules on a daily basis, just like Amber’s mother had. He wasn’t nearly as old as her father, but just as wise. Wise enough to know that life was too precious to spend it on a leash.
“If you need anything, don’t hesitate to let me know.”
Probably growing frustrated with her silence, Ethan stood and made his way to the door. Just as his hand wrapped around the handle, Amber spoke up. “I want gingerbread cookies,” she said.
Ethan turned back to her and nodded. “I’m sure I can get the resort cooks to bake you some.”
Amber felt her chest ache as she continued. “No, I want the ones that mom made. You know, the ones with the chocolate chips in them?”
The alpha didn’t normally express vulnerable emotions such as grief or sadness, but almost every time Amber mentioned her mother in private, Ethan “got the morbs” as Peter put it. His face would go slack and his stare softened.
“There’s a bakery in town, but I don’t know if they would make the cookies like your mother used to.” Ethan thought for a moment. “When we get home, we’ll look around in your mother’s things to see if she left a written recipe somewhere.”
Amber knew it was an outlandish request. If she’d had the means to get the ingredients, she might have tried to make them on her own. There had to be a recipe on the internet somewhere. Her mom had made special gingerbread cookies every Christmas.
Before Amber became too old for kid stories, they would leave the cookies out for Santa on Christmas eve. Ethan couldn’t eat them because of his sensitive werewolf stomach, but he would toss a few in the trash to make it look like Santa had eaten something. The ladies of the house would gobble up the leftovers on Christmas morning while they opened presents. Some of Amber’s earliest memories were of dipping the cookies into a cup of milk and counting down the seconds with her mother until the treat was nice and soft, but not too soggy.
This would be her first Christmas without her mother’s special cookies. If Amber had thought of it ahead of time, she would have tried to teach herself how to bake so she could have the cookies on Christmas morning, but she’d be counting down the seconds by herself this year.
With her throat too thick with threatening tears, Amber nodded and looked away. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw Ethan hesitate at the door.
Ever since the funeral, they’d had a hard time getting close to one another again. Amber had never been a daddy’s girl, but she knew that her relationship with her father wasn’t where it should have been. Between school and pack obligations, it was hard to schedule quality time. This trip might have been their chance to finally remedy that. Perhaps it was too soon to tell, but Amber wasn’t sure if a week could fix seventeen years of being a semi-absent father.
Ethan bid her a goodnight and left the hotel room. The silence rang in her ears, and Amber checked the clock one more time. At least she would have a diversion from her slightly sad life. And what a hot diversion he was.

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Audio, Holidays, Novellas, Legacy, and More!


Hello, peoples! It’s been a while since I’ve posted an update blog! As you can probably tell, I’ve been prolific in the last few months.

One of my biggest announcements is that Silver Screen will finally be available on Audio! The files were officially submitted last week and we’re just waiting on it to hit the retail market! I’m so freakin’ excited because I’ve really fallen in love with this story all over again, thanks to the talented voice of John Fehskens, who went above and beyond my expectations. This audio book will certainly be a treat to listen to and you don’t want to miss it! I’ll be posting the link to Audible as soon as I get the word that it’s live, but here’s a quick sample of what you can expect of this lovely, sweet shifter romance featuring a werewolf movie star and his jaded makeup artist.

And as promised, I have another Legacy novella for you! This one is a bit shorter than usual, but it fills in some information about a few things that are briefly discussed in my Loup-Garou series. You were introduced to Michael Gennari in The Guide, and Darren Dubose in The Frenchman where his father, Hugo, was mentioned. Well, it’s a small world, and these characters are about to team up for a spell. No, not Darren and Michael. Hugo and Michael, along with Geoffrey and Anton. Yes! Anton’s origins will be revealed in The Prophecy.

The Prophecy (Legacy Series #4)

The-Prophecy-med*Russia, 1648*
Geoffrey and Hugo Swenson scour the globe, searching out and cataloguing stories about their kind. About werewolves. They find themselves in Russia, hunting down a specific legend about a mythic white wolf that is said to embody the spirit of peace. As their world is consumed by war, violence, and destruction, they want to find the White Wolf to beseech it to expel the evil from the hearts of men.
They meet an unlikely ally in a pair of vampires, Michael Gennari and Anton Wiatrowsk, who are in search of the White Wolf for the same reason. The two races who are supposed to be at war with one another, must set aside their differences and join forces to trek across the rugged landscape of Siberia, through a country torn by riots and rebellions, in hopes to find peace for the world. But, can they find peace in themselves first?

Releasing November 21st, you have some time to preorder and have it delivered directly to your e-reader!

This fourth installation of The Legacy Series concludes the first volume, which takes place between 1555 and 1649. The next volume picks up in the next century, 1720s and we’re hoping over the big water to the New World! I’m super excited for volume two, but I’ll be compiling the first volume of the Legacy Series into a print AND audio format! The audio won’t be ready until sometime in March, but the print volume will be ready before the end of the year. Keep your eye out for the link!

Now, I’ve got other things going on this holiday season, so December’s novella, The Pirate (yes, werewolf pirates, I’m totally going there), will be postponed to January. However, you’ll still get your Bitikofer Book fix because I’ve got two anthology contributions in the works. The first one has a special holiday ring that falls in with my Loup-Garou Series. In this 25 Days of Christmas Anthology, I’ll be telling a sweet little story about two teenagers who find themselves in a precarious situation between two alphas.

Wolves in Wintertime

25 Days of Christmas: An Author Friends With Benefits Anthology by [Bradley, Hanleigh, Mota, Janet, Edwards, Anna, Stein, Sarah, Stryker, S.M., Allen, Amy, Anne, Meg, Charles, Toni, Mota, Janet A., Vieira, Ines]Amber is the daughter of an alpha werewolf, and has recently lost her mother to cancer. When the holidays come around, it’s a difficult time for everyone in her pack. On top of that, her father is expected to attend the annual gathering of werewolves in Alaska and unfortunately he has to bring Amber along with him. Being an unclaimed female, it’s especially dangerous but he has little choice but to bring along the high school senior. Amber’s not too happy about the trip either until a young werewolf from a rival pack catches her eye. Immediately smitten with one another, they have to hide their winter fling from their alphas, or else they’ll have an all-out werewolf war on their hands.

I’ve got another Anthology that I just recently finished my story for, but I’ll have more details and a preorder link when it gets closer to the time. It won’t be releasing until February of 2018. I’ll tell you this much, it’s a little out of the norm for me.

By The Book

“When Tara Christiano slid the pretty romance novel down from the shelf at the local bookstore-slash-coffee shop, she never suspected that her life would be turned upside down. It isn’t just any ordinary book. It can predict the future. Specifically, Tara’s. And when her future becomes intertwined with a handsome new face in town, she anxiously awaits each new page that is revealed, hoping Beau will become her love interest. Beau Bremor came to Mercy, Texas to help his brother get back on his feet after the loss of his wife. Helping on Devin’s ranch is one thing, but the well-being of his little niece, Dixie, is in the forefront of his mind. She needs a mother and Devin needs a wife. When Beau meets a young, attractive woman at the bookstore, a scheme formulates. But, can he keep his objective in mind while he’s falling head-over-heels for the beautiful and witty Tara, whom he is trying to set up with his brother?”

Yeah, definitely different genre for me. No wolves! How strange!

I’ll also be adding my story, Beauty and the Blaze, to Paige Tyler’s Dallas Fire Rescue Kindle World! Releasing in January, you’ll get to read a little story that I’ve been eager to write for quite a while!

Beauty and the Blaze

B&B_FinalFX_1600x2400Brandy was just eight years old when the urban legend, The Beast, saved her from drowning in the creek outside her hometown. It was the last time anyone had heard of the mythic, altruistic monster that some likened to a really big dog or wolf-like creature. It had a record of savings countless lives over the generations. As an adult, Brandy never forgot the kind deeds of the Beast. It had been fifteen years since the last sighting and she’s become quite the local expert on everything involving The Beast. Her little obsession has made her somewhat of an outcast in some social circles, so when a new face in town starts to pay her a little special attention, she latches onto it with both fists. Handsome and charming, she hopes that Hugh isn’t too good to be true.
Hugh never expected to come back to Morrisville, but the hectic city life of Dallas had proved too taxing on him and his inner wolf. He’s returned to his hometown, hoping to find the easy living he missed. But, how easy of a living can a firefighting werewolf really have? Thinking the worst of his problems will be cats getting stuck up in trees or the occasional car accident, Hugh’s looking forward to relaxing for a change. When he meets the feisty, red-haired librarian, though, the past decides to rear its ugly head and remind him why he left Morrisville in the first place. With a compassionate heart, can he leave well enough alone, or has the urban legend returned to take up his yoke again?

Isn’t that a gorgeous cover? When it gets closer to release time, I’ll be sure to share the link.

You know what else is coming in January? Yep, the fourth book in The Loup-Garou Series, Precedents! It’s going through the last rounds of edits and the couple of months leading up to its release will be epic! Cover Reveal, Release Party, Giveaways, and tons of sneak peeks are in store. It’s a bitter sweet moment that the final chapter in Katey and Logan’s story is going to be finally be revealed. However, I can say that it isn’t the end for them. Once the Legacy Series is complete, there will be more books to come that take place in the same universe. John’s four sons will be getting a series of their own, and a few more books are on deck that will include the characters you know and love.

LV Shoot 1I am so blessed to be where I am in my journey as an author and I sincerely hope that you enjoy the world I’ve created. It’s been a long time in the making.

Stay tuned through my blog, Facebook, and Newsletter to get the latest updates on preorders, giveaways, and more news on upcoming releases.

Until next time, Happy Reading!

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