Passions 3


Everywhere Else

His world was dark until she brought the light…

Chloe Kaspin has two dreams. Find a quiet place to recover from an abusive ex-boyfriend, and to make a living as a writer. The first dream is fulfilled when she inherits her beloved aunt’s cabin in the Georgia mountains. Now the second dream is up to her. Then she finds mysterious notes critiquing her work. Has a dangerous stranger managed to invade her refuge? Or is her cabin as haunted as the townsfolk say it is?

Gavin Caras immigrated from England to Georgia in 1733. While pursuing his dream of being a writer, his entire family is wiped out by a mysterious infection. Only Gavin survives, not only alone, but with a hunger that can only be satisfied by blood. For generations, he’s managed to hide in the basement of the cabin he built. But now his cabin is occupied by a woman who shares at least one of his passions: the world of the written word. Late one night, he finally reveals himself to her, not a ghost, but a man driven by an unholy hunger, a passion he would die to end if he could.

The autumn winds may be chilly but Gavin warms Chloe’s heart. Then children go missing in the nearby town. Has Gavin been lying to Chloe? She’s willing to help him find a way to end his blood-lust, but the cost may be too high. Chloe and Gavin can’t rewrite the past. Can they survive to write a new future together?


Story Behind the Story

Passions has been a stretch for me because I don’t particularly care for vampires and this will be the only novel I ever write where the main conflict includes a vampire. I have vampires featured in other books, but they aren’t in the lime light like Gavin is.

The inspiration for such a story came from some deep-rooted desire to be a full-time, stay at home writer. That, and I’d love to own a cabin out in the middle of the woods that I could spend the weekends in while I write away from the distractions. Not only that, but I had this creepy scene in my head of a girl sleeping and a man watching over her late at night. But, this wasn’t in a perverted way. He was protecting her as he had always done ever since she was a child. I expanded that idea and wondered “What if this guy was immortal some way, like a vampire, and he knew her because he lived in the attic or basement or something?” And there were planted the seeds that grew into this challenging novel. I hope I have done the two characters justice and not stepped on any toes of vampire lovers out there.