Redemption Duet on Sale!

For a limited time, get The Rose for FREE on Amazon!
A heartwarming inspirational romance about a farmgirl battling social anxiety, and a roving stranger looking for freedom from a dark past. Together, they discover courage they never thought they possessed, and love that can bridge across faiths and brokenness.
🌹 The Rose – Book 1 of the Redemption Duet
🦁The Lion – Book 2 of the Redemption Duet

Rose Lion Promo July

About Sheritta Bitikofer

Sheritta Bitikofer is a lifelong student of history with a specific interest in the Civil War era. Along with being a wife, historical fiction author, and fur-mama of two, she is an active member of the Mobile and Pensacola Civil War Roundtables and currently pursuing a bachelors degree in US History at American Public University. When she's not trekking across a battlefield or has her nose deep in a book, she enjoys coffee dates with her husband and watching her favorite shows.
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