Something About Sheritta #20

3Where do you come up with the names for your stories?

At first, because I wrote more contemporary works, I simply looked through baby name lists online and picked one. I chose based on the way the name sounded, how it rolled off my tongue when I spoke it, if I could pull a nickname from it, and if its meaning suited the character. I also try to make sure that the names don’t closely resemble any other names in the story. So, if I’ve picked a name for the main heroine that starts with an “A”, then I won’t chose another name like “Aiden” or “Adam” to pair with her. I’ll move onto the next letter or find something that doesn’t resemble it too closely.
Since I’m doing a lot of historical pieces now, I try to find names that match with the century and locale of the story. I won’t name a French nobleman from the 18th century “Caleb” because that’s a much more modern and English name. However, it gets a little tough when everyone was named John or Edward. I sometimes have to get a little creative.

About Sheritta Bitikofer

Sheritta Bitikofer is an author of eclectic tastes. When she's not writing her next historical fiction or urban fantasy novel, she can be found trekking across a battlefield, watching a historical documentary, or having coffee with her husband at their favorite café. A wife and fur-mama to two rescue dogs, she makes time to write engaging and moving stories about the things she loves best; history and the supernatural.
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  1. authortialee says:

    I use the baby lists online too!


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