Something About Sheritta #10

Q: Tell us about a favorite character from a book.

A: I finished reading Jane Eyre a while back, and I think she is my favorite heroine of all time. I read the book a few years ago and I don’t know if I just wasn’t grasping the beautiful language or the way the characters were so well constructed, but reading it for the second time, I was just blown away. Jane is the kind of woman I want to be. She’s meek, humble, has a bit of a temper, but she knows what’s right and wrong. She was able to completely deny herself and her feelings for Rochester by leaving him. But then when Mr. Rivers proposed for vocational reasons, she had enough sense to realize that she wouldn’t be marrying for love and though it made perfect logical sense to marry him, she refused because her heart said it wasn’t right. She’s able to discern who to listen to in certain situations, her head or her heart. And I admire that. Sometimes, I know in my head that something is or isn’t right to feel, but in the moment, it’s difficult to do the right thing. So I end up either a mess worrying about it or make impromptu decisions that should have been handled better. I admire Jane’s character immensely and I wish the author was alive so I could tell her how much reading the book meant to me at the time.

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Krystal and Devin’s First Date (Bewitching Brews)

You didn’t think I’d leave you hanging after the last sneak peek into Bewitching Fire, did you? Here’s Krystal and Devin’s first date in Chapter 3. Enjoy!

Chapter 3

On principle, Krystal generally refused to wear black clothes. There was too much hype around witches and the color black, but when Sierra walked into her bedroom with stunning, midnight black dress from her own closet, Krystal could hardly turn her down. She had been going out of her mind trying to find the perfect outfit ever since she came home around four o’clock.
Her own closet was filled with long skirts, loose blouses, and warm sweaters of earth tone shades that were far too casual for a date like this. It was just Mama Pazzini’s, a place she had been going to with her family since she was little, but she wasn’t looking to impress Mr. and Mrs. Pazzini. It was Devin she needed to impress. Though, she had probably done that already.
She stood in front of the full-length mirror and twirled a bit before fingering the lacey, scalloped neckline that came off the shoulders. The long sleeves would ensure she wouldn’t get too cold, but she worried about her legs that were exposed from the knees down. She normally never wore anything with a hem that high.
“Don’t even worry about your knobby knees,” Sierra slated from her open doorway. “It looks great on you.”
After a few magical alterations to the bust and waistline, yes, it did look great. Krystal would have to let it out again when she took it off at the end of the evening. She looked to her older sister who was a hair taller than herself and wondered how this dress was supposed to look on her.
“It’s not too suggestive, is it?” Krystal winced, pinching at the hemline.
“Honey, even if it is, would that be such a bad thing?”
Krystal let out a nervous laugh. “I don’t even know.”
Sierra flipped her wavy, chestnut brown hair over her shoulder and leaned against the doorframe. “You said this guy was hot, so what’s the problem?”
“Sierra,” Krystal said, walking barefoot across the hardwood floor. “I know plenty about magic and making coffee, but I don’t know the first thing about men. I haven’t gone on a date in like, four years and mom set me up for that one.”
Her older sister grimaced. “Yeah, but that warlock wasn’t exactly a good match for you. It sounds like you and Devin have some real chemistry.”
Continue reading

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Werewolves Down Under

The eighth book of the Legacy Series is finally coming!

This one was incredibly difficult to write. Not only because of the pure emotional context of the story, but also because of the sheer amount of research that was needed for me to understand the setting, people, and history. Australia has a relatively short civilized history and I could probably tell you just about anything regarding the first three or four years of the settlement at Sydney. Yes, it was a penal colony for England, which made it fraught with violence, lawlessness, and danger. Perfect place for a werewolf! My research was eye-opening and insanely interesting. Most people may not think that reading historical accounts is terribly interesting, but it was for me. And I hope I’ve done both the country and its people justice with my little historical novella.

Preorder is up and release is set for June 22nd!

Get it on Amazon

The-Scholars-largeAustralia – 1791
Geoffrey and Adam Swenson are imprisoned on a ship, bound for Australia – then known as New Holland – under bogus criminal charges pressed against them in England. After they escape and flee from the budding settlement of New South Wales, they find that they are not the only werewolves on this strange and dangerous new continent. In desperate need to return home, they must align themselves with unlikely allies and set aside old grudges if they ever expect to survive.
The elements, the Aborigines, and the loose laws set down in the penal colony of Sydney all work against them. Death lurks behind every corner and even though a new ally appears, both are hesitant to trust a man who has already shown himself to be a flight risk in the past. But all Alfred Swenson wants is a chance at reconciliation with his family after being absent from their lives for over four hundred years.


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Something About Sheritta #9

Q: Are your characters based off real people or did they all come entirely from your imagination?

A: Normally, I try not to base characters off of real people. It gets a little messy if that person ends up reading the book and realizing they’ve been plagiarized. However, I will confess that several characters in my Loup-Garou Series were based on actual people in name and profession ONLY. The three teachers that Katey feels attached to in The Enigma, who become major players throughout the series and also the Legacy Series, were based on three teachers I had in my freshmen year of high school. They were immensely influential in many ways and I liked them all for different reasons, which comes out in Katey’s reactions to them. Although I’m sure none of them will ever read the series, I would hope they know that it was meant as a token of my appreciation and they they’re flattered rather than offended that I used their names. Everything else, except maybe their appearances, is completely fictitious.
Apart from that, normally the characters I create are a melding of different people, including myself. I think all authors put a bit of their own soul into every story and every character. Maybe not as a whole, but in quirks and mannerisms. I comb my fingers through my hair a lot, so one may read about a heroine doing that when she’s nervous or agitated. Just as an example. A lot of my husband shows up in my characters as well. Whenever a male characters is being a little goofy or he says something romantic, chances are that my husband has done those things already.

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A Prime Alpha’s Dilemma

Here’s chapter 3 of my most recent paranormal romance I’ve entitled “Howls in the Night”. If you remember from a past blog, Erica and Dominic met in his antique shop and he gave her a special gift. This is the aftermath of that act of generosity, and it tells a little more about Dominic as the Prime Alpha wolf shifter of Tolstone.

Chapter 3

As Dominic locked up the shop, he cursed himself for his behavior again. Not only did he just give away a valuable piece of merchandise, but hindsight allowed him to see that he had been blatantly flirting with a customer. He wanted to justify his actions. He wanted to make some excuse that the way she looked at him with those mystifying hazel eyes made him lose his mind. The way she walked into his shop, bringing with her that presence that drove him wild and calmed him all at the same time both confused and startled him.
She did all those things and so much more, but no amount of logic could save him from kicking himself ever since she turned the corner and walked away. Erica Barrett was a breath of fresh air and quite possibly the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. The way the sunset brought out the fine, natural golden highlights in her chestnut braid that hung over her shoulder, the way she smiled to reveal the cutest pair of dimples in Tolstone, how her clothes hung in just the right way over her curves to make him want to reach out and grab her about the waist.
Oh, how he wished there weren’t rules to dictate what he could and could not do with a perfect stranger. He would have broken every one of them if he thought he could. He had never felt this drawn to any woman before, so curious to know more about her and who she was. Maybe it was the stress getting to him. He was under so much pressure that it was liable to break him like this.
Dominic pulled on the door handle to make sure it was firmly locked and turned toward Second Avenue, almost following in Erica’s footsteps. He passed by the display window where the Rolleiflex used to be. It had been a gift to his grandfather from a German alpha that took refuge in Tolstone after moving his pack to the states to escape the chaos of World War II. His father hated to put it up for sale after his grandfather passed, and so did Dominic, but realistically he wouldn’t have used it for anything. He didn’t even have any film, but something told him that he had sold it to a worthy customer.
Erica blew him away with her knowledge of the camera’s history and if he hadn’t been swept off his feet by that quiet strength she seemed to exude, then her little recitation would have surely done it. There were few within his pack who appreciated history as much as Dominic, and to find someone else who took the time to study something restored his faith in humanity – just a little.
It was likely they would meet again, especially if she had just moved to Tolstone. Cole and Hank had told him someone new was coming into town today, but he didn’t expect it to be a woman with so much fire behind her eyes.
He had been taught that women were meant to be taken care of. They needed husbands, fathers, brothers, or alphas to look after them and ensure that they were safe at all times. Dominic was trained up in the gentlemanly fashion by his father, who was educated by his father before him. The former Prime Alpha of Tolstone must have been rolling in his grave the way Dominic didn’t offer to walk Erica home, but there was more to consider.
If he had taken Erica home, it was likely that he wouldn’t have left. Dominic was also taught how to read and interpret body language. He could look at the simple way a person stood and understand their intentions. It was a useful skill for what he had to do every day with the packs that took refuge in Tolstone. And if Dominic was as versed as he believed himself to be, this attraction was not one sided. Erica might have invited him in for coffee, he would graciously accept, one thing would lead to another and…
Dominic felt his jeans tighten at the thought of it as he shoved his hands deeper into his jacket pockets. No, he couldn’t have that. This was just as phase. A burning curiosity over someone he hadn’t met before. It didn’t happen often. Actually, it never happened at all. There was something about Erica that fascinated him, but there was nothing in her conversation that would have instigated such desires. They were polite, professional, and the meeting was too brief. Far too brief. Continue reading

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A hybrid falls for a human…

Aurora by B.M. Griffin

Get it today on Amazon!

aurora.jpgAurora is the leader of Tanzahar, and she is unlike anything humans have ever heard of. She is neither vampire, werewolf, witch, angel, nor demon…as Maharani she is far more powerful than any creature of the underworld. When Aurora meets Gregor, a human, she winds up saving his life when he’s suddenly attacked. Defying Tanzaharian law, she brings Gregor to her home in the underworld. Aurora and Gregor are both drawn to each other like something powerful is pulling them together. However, there is a great war coming and it’s Aurora’s duty to protect not only her people, but the humans of earth from evil creatures known as the Shaitan. The Shaitan’s numbers have magically grown and they put everything into getting rid of Aurora and her kind so they might rule the earth. Bound by duty, Aurora tries to push Gregor away, but Gregor refuses to be left behind. He will stop at nothing to fight for Aurora, even if it means standing up to Aurora herself. In the end, Gregor may be exactly what Aurora needs if the people of Tanzahar stand a chance against the Shaitan.

About the Author
Bonnie Griffin, known as Author B.M. Griffin, lives in the small town of Richlands, North Carolina with her husband and two daughters. Bonnie has done the business thing, and while she had success it just wasn’t her cup of tea, so she has grabbed her favorite coffee and made it her mission to put her fingertips to work making her writing dream a reality. Home wasn’t the kindest place when Bonnie was growing up and reading became an outlet and a sanctuary. It was this sanctuary that led to her desire to create fantasies with her words, but don’t let that fool you, she’s got a dark side and it likes to come out to play in her books. Bonnie has an avid imagination and loves creating new worlds, creatures, species, and bringing them together through action and most of all, love. She is the author of the paranormal romance, “Loving Her Scars,” and her newest paranormal creation, “Aurora”.

More From B.M Griffin

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Something About Sheritta #8

Q: Did you learn anything during the writing of your recent book?

A: I learned a TON of things! This last novella took place in 1791 in New South Wales, Australia. Only, back then, they didn’t call the continent Australia quite yet. This was only three years into the settlement at Sydney Cove. Luckily, there’s a lot of documentation out there detailing how the colony was arranged and what life was like for the convicts who settled there. I learned about the aborigines and the terribly unfair treatment they received as a result of the English moving onto the land they had inhabited for centuries. It’s much like the situation with the Native Americans. I love it when I dive into a new historical novella and realize there’s a lot of information about that particular era.
But more than that, I learned about what it may mean to forgive and let go of past offenses. The characters in The Scholars are Geoffrey and Adam Swenson, and when they’re arrested for tax evasion in England, they’re sent to Australia aboard the Third Fleet. Once they arrive, they run off into the bush and find someone they would have never expected. Alfred Swenson – Geoffrey’s father – abandoned his family without word or warning. Geoffrey and Hugo never knew what their father was, so when they turned into werewolves, it was a shock and their feelings toward Alfred were forever poisoned by this hate. Since they became werewolves, it means that their father was one too, and they assumed he knew that they would turn. Thing is, he didn’t. Alfred had no proper training, so he didn’t know his sons would turn. Otherwise, he might have stayed. But he left in order to protect them because he realized it was harder to control himself in his beast form around his family. So he ran away and never looked back, ending up in Australia. Geoffrey and Adam (Geoffrey’s son) learn all this and they have a decision to make. Forgive Alfred or keep festering in their hatred. Although I’ve never experienced the kind of abandonment they did, I had to delve deep into what it meant to forgive someone after years of bitterness toward that person. What would that feel like? How would they react when they hear the truth? What would be their reasons for forgiveness? I learned, just by conjecture and a little bit of study into psychology what it would have been like for Geoffrey and Adam.

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Bewitching Brews (continued)

Here’s chapter 2 of my witchy romance, Bewitching Fire. Chapter 1 can be found further down in the blogs.

Chapter 2

From the moment Aaron and his new partner stepped into the coffee shop, Krystal could feel a disturbance in the air, as if it had been electrified. That same energy pulsed through her skin, seeping into her bloodstream. When she looked to the front door and realized the strange force was wafting off the unfamiliar, hot cop standing next to Aaron, Krystal was ready to vault over the counter to tackle him.
Damn he was fine. The police department jacket he wore did little to hide his strong, built frame beneath. His arms alone bulged against his sleeves and she nearly salivated at the way his button-down black uniform shirt hugged his trim waist. His square jaw was covered in a layer of dark scruff that must have broken some kind of police department dress code. All of their other cops were clean shaven, including Aaron. His short black hair looked soft and Krystal wished she could run her fingers through it.
She wasn’t so sure she could keep her composure when he stepped up to the counter. Those blue eyes were so easy to get lost in that she completely forgot her hands had been shaking up until that moment. Talking to him came easier than she anticipated, and a warmth spread across her body whenever he gave her that smoldering look.
He looked every inch a cop, but talked just like any other regular guy. She loved that. With Aaron being an exception, some cops came into the shop with poles up their asses when they were on duty, like they weren’t allowed to socialize like a normal human just because they were wearing a badge. Though she was a serious kind of girl, she hated when people took themselves too seriously.
She couldn’t deny that something happened while they exchanged their banter about coffee. Something deep within her seemed to awaken, and a whole new woman came out. She was on the clock with a long line of waiting customers to attend to, but it might as well have been like the whole world didn’t exist as long as Devin was gazing at her like that, so intense and fixated.
Long after the two cops left, Krystal could still feel that fire burn in her chest, threatening to consume every bit of logical reasoning she possessed. She had never been so drawn to a man before, never craved his company like she did with Devin. If they still weren’t in the middle of the morning rush, she would have thrown her apron at her two friends and ran out the door to chase after him. What she would do when she caught him inspired a whole new level of excitement.
The moment Krystal could take a break from taking orders, she took a long, cold drink of water to douse the blaze Devin had ignited. They were still in the middle of their morning rush and if Krystal didn’t cool off, she might have needed to run home and grab a change of panties. That’s how much Devin drove her crazy. And they didn’t even know each other that well.
Things finally began to slow down around eleven that morning and Krystal turned to see her two friends fixing themselves another cup of coffee.
“How many did you do today?” she asked with a serious drop in her tone as she folded her arms. She knew that both Valerie and Alexa could hear the customers as Krystal greeted them. She knew some had expressed their personal issues, but she had never given them the cue to whip up a special cup.
Alexa slipped a furtive glance to Valerie. “Nothing for me.”
Valerie didn’t look sheepish at all about it. “I did three,” she proclaimed as she claimed the honors of picking up the chalk board and scoring the first tick marks of the day. “Mrs. Gregory said her carpal tunnel was acting up again and Doctor Jones was panicking over a new surgery technique he had to learn for a patient next Friday. The last one was Maggie and you heard her talking about how freaked out she was over her dog going missing. I slipped her a tiny charm just to calm her nerves.”
Krystal crooked any eyebrow. “Your memory is impeccable, but you do realize we still have half a day left to go.”
Continue reading

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It’s the quiet ones you watch out for…

New Release by Bestselling Author Shaunna Rodriguez!

Get It On Amazon!

My name is Drew. I like the quiet. I like the dark. I don’t mind being by myself. I might be considered a loner.

High School (n.)
Definition: A place where teenagers in a thirty mile radius are brought together with their hot mess of problems and are expected to magically cohabitate peacefully for seven hours a day, five days a week.

Magically being the key word.
Jocks, Preps, Emo, Geeks, Nerds, and Witches…and the list goes on. No matter the century, the classification of the teenagers stays tried and true. OK, that last category might be a new one, but it IS the twenty-first century. There are some very weird vibes in Dark Hollow that go way back in many of the local family trees. Rumors of witches and magic seem to hover in every conversation.

The first day was a rough one. Stevie, the Emo queen, has shown me that she is not happy that I’m here in her school. Fortunately, and surprisingly, Claire, the lead Prep has taken a liking to me. Well, at least, she seems to want to irritate Stevie by being my new BFF.

All was well, until Claire breaks up with Dustin, school QB, and he decides that he wants to get to know me better. Tables have turned.

Claire’s bullying has topped the mega meter. A recent fight between Claire and Stevie has resulted in the death of Stevie. Suicide or Witchslaughter? I need to know the truth, but everyone is too afraid to challenge Claire about what really happened. Maybe it’s time for this Quiet Girl to get loud.

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Something About Sheritta #7

Q: If you knew you’d die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?

A: Well, I certainly wouldn’t go to my day job. I might send them an email or phone call saying how much I love them, and how their friendship shaped me in so many ways. But I won’t spend my last day on earth working. And I hope my husband wouldn’t either, because I’d want to spend the entire day with him. I’d spend the morning giving out those “goodbye” messages to those who matter in my life like my parents and close friends. Then in the afternoon, I think I’d want to go somewhere for lunch that I had never been, but always wanted to go. But for the most part, I’d spend it with my husband. I would be tempted to write, but there really wouldn’t be much of a point because even though I love writing, those words may never see the light of day or be published, so I won’t waste time like that. If I had a week, I’d probably plan some amazing trip overseas, but if I just got the notice that I’d die tomorrow, there’s no time to go anywhere really. And traveling stresses me out anyway.

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