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The Enigma (Second Edition) is up for preorder!

In preparation for the release of the third book in my Loup-Garou series, coming this July, I decided to go back and revise The Enigma and Becoming the Enigma. Edits are still going through for the second book, but the second edition of The Enigma is up for preorder! Yay! If you read the first edition and you’re excited for the third book’s release, I would strongly recommend going back to read the second edition again. It’ll be available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited, releasing 5-13! That’s this Saturday! Woo hoo!

12487114_10205749512679466_6466695106591509491_o  A graveyard late at night wouldn’t seem like the ideal place to meet someone. But for teenager Katey McCoy, that encounter with the handsome stranger with the striking blue eyes would alter her life in ways she’d never imagined.

Orphaned as an infant, bounced around foster homes, labeled as a discipline problem, and now under the thumb of an abusive foster mother, Katey’s been slipping deeper into depression. Who would want a girl with such an ugly face, an imperfect body, or wild hair? But Logan Keith knows the truth about Katey: she’s beautiful. Her flaws are in her head. Besides, he has issues, too. And a secret that could tear apart their growing relationship.

Logan is a werewolf—a loup-garou—with his own troubled past and a flaw that’s considered a handicap in his world. A secret, supernatural world he soon introduces Katey to. Although Logan longs to make Katey part of his pack, it may be impossible for them to be together. In his pack’s history, there’s never been a female werewolf. No woman has been able to survive the transformation. Will Logan’s desire give Katey the escape to a better life and the love she’s always dreamed of, or will he be signing her death warrant?

Preorder Here!

Free Chapter Sample Here!

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Silver Screen is LIVE!!!

So, life has been crazy, but I wanted to remind everyone that Silver Screen was released a couple of weeks ago! Woo hoo! Have you got your copy yet? You should! It’s available on Kindle and Kindle Unlimited. Check out the lovely things my beta readers have said!


If you’re intrigued, check out my newest sweet shifter Hollywood romance!


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The Thief and the Mountain

I was commissioned to write a short story to introduce a theme for an SCA event this coming August and have been given permission to share it outside of the newsletter it will be published in. Hope you enjoy! It’s got a bit of the same flavor as “Amber Ashes”, so if you want to read more about this famous natural disaster, check out the Decimus Trilogy on Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks, and other online retailers.

“Stop, thief!” the baker bellowed as the portly man rushed out of his shop.

Titus’s sandaled feet drummed against the stone-paved streets as he ran from the man he had stolen from. With his satchel securely strapped across his chest, his scrawny legs carried him far away from the bakery.

The street urchin weaved and ducked past the servants, politicians, and wealthy vacationers that crowded the walkway. To his left, carts rattled their way down the road, horses and donkeys hauling the loads of their merchant masters towards the forum. And that’s just where Titus was headed.         He dodged to the left and around the corner on his right, passing by the shopkeepers and their stands full of wares that would forever be out of his reach. Since childhood, he was forced to steal what he couldn’t find and take what wasn’t his – what would never be his.

Masons busily slapped their mortar against the stone edifices of many shops and homes that had been damaged during the earthquakes earlier that morning. Titus had been awakened by the tremors just hours before, but like the other citizens of the city, this was nothing new.

Ceramic shards littered the walkways where pottery had tumbled to the ground and when tables were shaken by the inexplicable forces of the earth. Roof shingles were replaced, damaged goods were discarded, and life went on as it always did.

He glanced over his shoulder to make sure the baker was still not following him. When he turned back, he nearly collided with a beautiful woman clad in fine jewelry and silky garments that called to his manhood.

She smiled sweetly as he skidded to a stop just outside her place of business. The lady was not alone that day as her companions gathered around the entrance to the brothel.

“Running again, Titus?” she giggled.

Titus straightened his tattered and stained tunic and gave her a crooked grin. “Always running,” he replied.

She batted her thick eyelashes and turned as if to welcome him inside where other patrons were already getting their monies worth.

“There he is! Get him!”

Titus turned to see a pair of Roman guards, their breast armor glinting in the afternoon sun. He gave a regretful look to the lady and resumed his flight.

Through the din of the crowds, he could hear the guards approaching, their heavy swords and armor clanging together like resounding gongs to announce their presence to the populace. Titus, on the other hand, did not have such burdens to weigh him down and his appearance could allow him to blend with the masses.

The city was a metropolis of wealth and luxury. The ports to the west brought in exotic treasures from across the Roman empire and the merchants who traveled there were more than happy to sell the populace their textiles and goods. Politicians and nobility came here to escape their troubles by lounging in their decadent villas, surrounded by servants and slaves. Yet, in the presence of such indulgence, there was also great scarcity for those who were not lucky enough to be born into their status.

He came to the marketplace and temple of the Lares. He paused in reverence for the brick structure that was still being constructed by the master craftsmen. It was commissioned after the great earthquake to appease the gods of protection over the homes of the citizens. It was in that earthquake that Titus was born, just seventeen years prior. The ground had shaken many times since that day, but no greater calamity had befallen the city to compare.

As he turned the corner to step onto the forum grounds, he passed his hand over the columns and uttered a hasty prayer of thanks. Whether by his own strength or the benevolence of the gods, he had survived the disaster when others didn’t. He drew strength from it and knew that no matter what this city threw at him, he would live on.

In the forum, philosophers and merchants alike congregated on the spacious green expanse to discuss business and politics of their growing empire. A slave auction was conducted on the far end, souls from the far south and barbaric north shackled in chains to be sold to the highest bidder. All of this while pious worshippers flocked to the great Temple of Jupiter to pay their respects to the mighty god.

Titus slowed his steps as he came to the meeting place. The guards must have still been scratching their heads in the marketplace, searching for the inconspicuous peasant who had eluded them.

Publicized on one of the walls facing towards the forum was an announcement to the populace. On this day, to further celebrate the Feast of Vulcan, a great tournament would take place in the amphitheater. If his friend didn’t meet him soon, he would miss the gladiators who had traveled all the way from Verona to perform. He even heard rumors that a lion from the southern edges of the empire was to appear.


He turned to regard his friend, another poor son of the streets, as he came forward with a smile and wave. They clasped arms as brothers and Titus pulled out one of the bread loafs from his satchel.

“Here is your bread, as promised, Quintus.”

Quintus, a boy a few years younger than Titus, took the bread with dirty hands and nodded his thanks. “Mother and the others will be glad for this.”

Titus opened his mouth to inquire about Quintus’ family until he heard the unmistakable clatter of Roman armor enter the forum. He turned and saw the soldiers scanning the assembly. This was a place for public communion, but it was not a sanctuary.

He grabbed his friend by the shoulders and directed him to the south, towards the town council building and Hall of Duoviri. “Run!” he commanded.

The boy bolted into the crowd, his spry young legs carrying him far from the danger and towards home where he belonged.

Titus, likewise, darted to the east and chose the street that would lead him straight to the amphitheater. If he could evade the guards one more time, perhaps they would give up their search for the petty thief and turn their efforts to other matters.

Two or three story homes and villas lined the streets with wooden balconies that loomed over the pedestrians. Peeking through some of the open doors, Titus could see the vibrant mosaics in the tile floor or beautifully painted frescos on the walls of the vestibules. Roman art at its finest.

Passing restaurants and drinking taverns, the aromas of multitudinous foods and delicacies wafted past his nostrils. His belly growled at him, angry that it hadn’t been filled since the evening before. Just a little farther and he could rest.

He knew a public drinking fountain was close by, but when he came to it, Titus found it to be dry, just like the fountain on the other side of the city. He would have to quench his thirst later.

He passed one of the public baths as patrons were passing in and out of its great arched entryway. The pungent perfume of the oils filled his senses and he sighed, adoring their aroma. One day, he would go in and wipe away the filth of street life, but it would not be this day.

Titus’ eyes drifted to the buildings, some already mended from the quake and others in desperate need of attention; but he was not interested in the cracks that scarred the stone. He read the imprudently scrawled phrases and pictures. Some were humorous or obscene, but some were profound and were not covered by tapestries or potted plants to hide their existence.

For Titus, they were more than careless scribblings by other adolescents, drunkards, lovers, or philosophers. They were proof of their presence here. He had left his own mark on the outer city walls.

A generally uneducated man by fate, his mother praised him for the thoughtful prose that he brought to life in the quiet moments of his day when he wasn’t running for his life or digging for edible compost in the waste of the wealthy men who visited the city.

He carved the letters his father had taught him into the stone, leaving an impression on the city that would never be forgotten. Years, perhaps centuries from now, as long as that wall was still standing, the people would read it and know his struggle for life.

He heard the shouts of the spectators before he spotted the great amphitheater towering above the city skyline with its massive walls. It was one of the places that were open to all walks of life. Anyone, even a thief like himself, could pass through the gates and forget who they were for a short while as they watched the trained gladiators battle for the glory of applause.

He hustled forward to find a vacant seat and squeezed between a man draped in a toga and a woman in a bright red stola with jewels drooping from her ears and around her neck. Here he was, a peasant with stolen bread, sitting between two Romans of high status. Only in the amphitheater.

Titus pulled the other loaf of bread from his satchel and dug his teeth into the warm crust, savoring the rich taste as he chewed and swallowed.

Below, on the sandy stadium floor, two gladiators brandished their weapons and circled one another. One held a gladius, a short sword that he craftily spun in his palm. The other wielded a trident with menacing sharp tips. In his other hand was a net, much like a fisherman would use to reel in his catch.

The audience cheered for their favorite fighter, pounding their fists into the air in joy and woe as the battle raged on.

It took only moments before the fisherman was on his back, bleeding and immobile from his wounds. The victor looked to the sponsor as the crowded shouted their own verdict. “Iugula!” they screamed, calling for his execution.

With his mouth full of bread, Titus turned to the sponsor and anxiously waited for the gesture that would save or sacrifice the warrior.

But the order would never come.

The ground began to tremble, rocking the spectators from their seats. Titus looked to the east, beyond the city walls and to the mountain known as Vesuvius. Titus held tight to his half-eaten loaf of bread, but the wealthy man beside him was jostled and nearly fell into the thief’s lap.

The bread slipped from his grasp and toppled down the stadium seats, falling well out of reach.

But the bread was the least of his worries anymore.

Titus watched as the slopes of the mountain became steeper, converging upwards until the pressure became too much. The top of the mountain exploded, spewing a column of dark clouds higher and higher into the sky.

The Romans of Pompeii gawked at the sight of it. Women ceased their cooking and washing to step into the streets. Men turned away from their companions and conversations were ended. Servants, young and old, stopped in their daily tasks to wonder what they had just heard. Children cried and clung to their mother’s stolas in fear. Even the gladiators below turned and dropped their weapons as the mountain erupted. The clouds slowly crept across the clear blue sky, veiling the sun, and cast a darkness over the land.

As Titus stared, jaw slack and eyes wide, he hoped that his quick prayer to the gods had been heard. He would need them this day.

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New Release! Silver Screen Available April 29th

It’s finally here! Pre-order your copy of Silver Screen today and stay tuned for teasers and sheritta325-72dpi-1500x2000a book trailer coming in the next few weeks!

Kindle: http://amzn.to/2mYVsg4
Nook: http://bit.ly/2mcGsN0
Kobo: http://bit.ly/2nxkm83

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2n7Y23L
Barnes & Noble: http://bit.ly/2mYOmZ4

Blurb: When Josie Carter found out she would be the head makeup artist for the famous Rodney Bator, it was hard not to be a little star struck. Working on her first big movie picture was a dream for the small town girl from Arkansas. But, her natural passion for acting has been pushed aside for many years now after the accident that killed her eldest sister. Seeing life through the lens of that tragedy had made her apprehensive to accept anything good, including the kindness and love of the incredible actor she worked with every day.
All Rodney every wanted in life was to prove to other werewolves, like himself, that it was possible to live in the midst of humans and not have to worry about discovery. The old world superstitious ways were a thing of the past, but he still knew many of his kind that lived in hiding – including his own father. Sure that his message was only enraging the alphas of the world, Rodney was ready to hang up his actor hat and settle down. And he knew just who he wanted to settle down with.

Ok, I couldn’t resist. Here’s one teaser because I love my followers:


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“Passions” Available for Pre-Order (Remastered)

Passions is now available Kindle, Nook, and Kobo! It will also be available on iBooks and Google Play and in print at various online retailers like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Books-A-Million! Release date is 3-31. For those of you who have already read Passions, I’m sure you recognized that there was a huge blunder on Chapter 6. This has been fixed! Go check it out! And you haven’t read this steamy vampire romance yet, here are some teasers to entice you.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XHDVN4R

Barnes & Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/passions-sheritta-bitikofer/1125936425

Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/passions-16

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Advisory Notice For My Readers

There’s lots of exciting stuff in the works! Since I’m re-launching all of my novels under my new imprint “Moonstruck Writing”, some books are going to disappear from Amazon. Don’t freak out! They will show back up! A couple of examples are “The Enigma”, “Becoming the Enigma” and “The Princess and Her Rogue”. All three of these novels are in the process of getting re-worked and their re-launch dates have been updated on their designated pages here on my blog.

“The Enigma” will be re-launching on May 6th
“Becoming the Enigma” will be re-launching on June 3rd
“The Princess and Her Rogue” will be re-launching sometime in 2018, but I don’t have a solid date yet.

The biggest reason for these re-works is to gear up for my book signing tour between 2017 and 2018. I’ll be advertising which events I’ll be attending within the next few weeks. I’m still waiting to hear back from a few people, so the list will continue to grow!

Also, if you have read any of these books in the past, you’ll want to check out the re-launch editions before the release of “Beast Within” in late June. Subtle changes to the plot and edits will be made and I’m confident that the overall product will be a huge improvement on the origin release.

In the meantime, we’ve got a new re-lease and a BRAND NEW release coming out within the next couple of months, so stay tuned to my blog and Facebook pages for updates. If you need those links, here they are:

Sheritta Bitikofer Author Facebook Page

Moonstruck Writing with Sheritta Bitikofer Fan Group



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Always Be Kind…

Why do you even bother? Makeup isn’t going to hide all of that ugliness.

What’s the point of going to work when you suck at what you do? Your coworkers don’t even like you. They just tolerate your company because they have to.

Just go back to bed and be the lazy piece of crap that you are. No one wants to be around you when you’re like this.

Those clothes just making you look even fatter. Why can’t you lose weight? You could eat healthier, but you choose to eat junk food. If you just got on a treadmill every once and a while, you wouldn’t be so huge. What’s wrong with you?

You can’t seem to do anything right, can you? You just try and fail all the time. You’re mediocre at everything you do. You’ll never be successful because you just weren’t born that way. You don’t have the motivation. You don’t have the courage. You’re so painfully shy and people notice. You have all these dreams, but they’ll never amount to anything. You’re going to die in obscurity and no one’s even going to remember your name. You don’t contribute anything to this world and you can’t make anyone happy. They just put up with you and your moodiness.

You’re completely worthless. A waste of space. The air you breathe could be going to someone who actually needs it. So many people have it worse than you, but you complain about everything. You’re so negative. When you come around, people want to run away because they’re sick of your drama.

If you just smiled every once and a while, you might be bearable. But instead, you’re always frowning and that’s what makes you hideous. Why can’t you just be happy? Why can’t you just straighten up and fly right? Why can’t you just follow the crowd and be like everyone else? Why do you have to be so weird?

You’ll never make it in this world and you might as well give up on everything you’re trying to do because it’s pointless. No one cares about you or what you do with your life. They just want you out of the way. And you should get out of the way. Just hide in your hole and let the world pass by. The world is better without you.


She stared at her face in the mirror as a silent tear leaked out from her bloodshot eyes. She wiped her hand on the back of her cheek and tried to ignore the tightness in her chest. Taking a long and difficult breath, she squared her shoulders and walked out of the bedroom to get ready for a new day.

          Courage comes in many forms. Sometimes, it’s the determination to survive and live one more day that makes us strong. Always be kind. You never know what they’re going through.

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Interview with Jennifer Siddoway, author of “Dealing with the Devil”

One of the amazing things about being an author or writer is that there is an entire community that is as passionate about the craft as you are. I have a few select friends who 13418782_599478683535111_3631067662890558646_nare part of this amazing community. One in particular just got herself a contract with the publishing house Duncurra and her novel “Dancing with the Devil” (formerly known as “Demon Dialysis”) will be published soon!

She found time in her busy schedule of being a mother, wife, and author to answer some questions about her career as an author.

  • What inspired you to write “Dealing with the Devil”?

That is an excellent question, and I wish I had a better answer for you than the one I’m about to give. I’ve always loved Fairy Tales and enjoy a good re-telling of an established plotline. It’s cover-art-frontespecially fun if there’s a dramatic shift, or unexpected role reversal. I started toying with the idea of Rumpelstiltskin and started thinking, “What if something went wrong?”I knew what she meant was intended to be sweet and reassuring, but I just felt this chill run down my spine. “What if I wasn’t? What if it wasn’t God that I was creating life with?”
I walked away and my arms were covered with goosebumps and after that the story just wrote itself.
I didn’t want to do an actual re-telling, so I twisted things around a bit and tried to picture how that would play out from the point of view from the child who got wished away. The whole concept of selling your unborn child to the devil is such a terrible thing to digest you have to wonder what kind of a person would do that. Around the same time, I was pregnant with my first child and a well-meaning, older person in church put her hand on my stomach and said, “You only get to work hand in hand with God to create life a handful of times in life, so enjoy it while you can.”

  • Do you have a system for developing the characters and plot?

*laughs manically* That is a loaded question!Once I’ve started asking myself these questions, the story starts taking shape. Suddenly, I’m not the one writing it but just a vehicle to get it on paper. Sometimes the answers I come up with surprise me and that’s always a fun twist to have. I get to know the characters REALLY well and know how they would react in different situations. An example of this is when I was writing the chapter Dancing with the Devil. I was happily typing away at my computer and then I realized what was going to happen. Oh crap. I had to flinch and almost look away from the screen as I typed because I didn’t want to ‘see’ it. I knew that was the only way the chapter could end, but I didn’t know that until I was in the physical process of writing it.
I wrote that chapter and then cried—it was awful.
It doesn’t take long for me to get a character or plot idea in my head. Once that happens I mull on it for a while and start asking the question, “so what?”. Wynn’s character in the Earthwalker Trilogy is a demon…so what? What kind of implications would that bring into her character and her relationships? How does that affect her physically? If there is a demon in the Mortal Realm… so what? What does that say about magic in this universe? Are there other demons? Why, or an even better, why NOT?

  • What do your friends and family think of your author career?

Thankfully, I’ve have a supportive husband who never lost faith in me. He’s gone out of his way to encourage my career and enable me to focus on it. I think when it comes down to it, Ben just wants me to be happy. He knows how much I enjoy writing and does everything he can to let me do that.
The rest of my family is kind of flabbergasted that it happened. I’ve been talking about writing for so long they didn’t think it would ever happen. Now that it has, and is doing well, they don’t know what to say except, “Wow, you did it.”

  • Are any of your characters based off people you know in real life? Are they reflections of yourself?

I think it’s almost impossible not to put a little of yourself into the characters you write. Obviously, I’m not a demon like the character in my book, but Wynn absolutely displays some of my personality quirks – the good and the bad. Every now and then I find myself giving her habits or personality quirks that I display myself and laugh it off a bit.No one is without flaw.
Most of the time when we read about teenage girls, we must ask ourselves if they are vicious or vulnerable—I suggest that they’re both. There is something deliciously satisfying about co-existing in that dual relationship and while I don’t strive to be like Wynn, her shortcomings are human nature.
On one hand, she is funny, brave, and fiercely devoted to her family. On the other, she has some anger management issues, a fiery temper, and is also kind of a jerk at times. That’s understandable because she is, in fact, a demon and it gives her personality depth.

  • What has it been like shifting from being a self-published author to having a contract with a traditional publishing house?

To be honest it’s been relatively smooth. Duncurra LLC is a wonderful publishing house and I’m incredibly honored and grateful to be a part of their team. When I first got signed, we did have to change the title and get new cover art with the company logo, but other than that not a lot is changed.
I will confess, it’s been nice to have the emotional validation that comes with having a publishing house behind you. It’s not an imaginary career that I fabricated for myself, it’s real. I can justify sitting down at my computer for hours at a time and getting lost in the world of my characters. I always felt guilty before and thought it was taking me away from my family, but now I view it as part of the process and know the payout will be worth it.

  • What kind of struggles did you encounter as a self-published author and how did you overcome them?

The hardest thing about being an indie author is marketing and getting the word out. One hundred percent of the responsibility is on you, and it can be overwhelming at times. If the readers don’t know you exist than you’re preforming to an empty stage.It’s a lot of work knowing what is/is not worth the time and investment. It can be done well, but it’s also a constant struggle.
We’re experiencing a boom in the indie author community which is very exciting, but that also raises the bar for everyone else out there. With so many new books coming out, and so many new authors, it’s very important to present yourself in a professional light. The amount of time you put into branding yourself as an author directly correlates to how seriously you take your career, and there for the quality of your books. That means having a professional website, business cards, a mailing list, and healthy social media following.

  • If you could give any piece of advice to aspiring writings, what would it be?

I would tell aspiring authors to take their craft seriously and to view their writing as a job.
It can’t be something you play around with part time when you’ve got nothing better to do, otherwise it won’t get written. Set aside hours that are designated for writing and writing alone. I have friends that try to schedule play dates for the kids in the middle of my writing block and I tell them ‘no’. It took some time for them to realize it, but writing time is important and must not be tampered with. Give it the respect and discipline you would put on any other job.

  • What are your plans for the future?

I have tons of ideas! Once I’ve completed the Earthwalker Trilogy, her mother’s series is already in the works. Michele Whelan is such a toxic and selfish creature it will be interesting to see what her origins would be. We’ve already established that she had a romantic relationship with Lucifer, so that opens a ton of doors and lends itself to very good story telling.
I’ve been thinking about this puzzle piece in the story for years while developing a plot. It’s already been outlined into a four-book series and I can’t wait to write it! I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but whenever I start thinking about her I can’t help it—their love story is going to be epic.

To check out the latest news and follow her on social media, see the links below! “Dealing With The Devil” will be releasing within the next couple of weeks and she will be conducting giveaways and a release party on Duncurra’s Facebook page!

Website: http://www.jennifersiddoway.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/wynnhendricks
Duncurra Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Duncurra/

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Links to the Decimus Trilogy on Barnes & Noble and Kobo!

12017593_10205191471568787_6570529283577030919_oThe day has come! The Decimus Trilogy has been successfully released in print under the new imprint “Moonstruck Writing” on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. What’s even better, the three eBooks are live on Barnes & Noble and Kobo! I’m really branching out and this is just the first book of many that will be re-released with new ISBNs and under my new imprint. So excited for the future! It’s gonna be great!

Here are the links to The Decimus Trilogy, The Beast of Verona, Amber Ashes, and Saving the Beast so you can go snag up your copy!

The Decimus Trilogy (in print)
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/1946821020
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-decimus-trilogy-sheritta-bitikofer/1125836602

 The Beast of Verona
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015TUP9WO
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/the-beast-of-verona-sheritta-bitikofer/1125871596
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/the-beast-of-verona

 Amber Ashes
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015TUPGZ4
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/amber-ashes-sheritta-bitikofer/1125871597
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/amber-ashes

 Saving the Beast
Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0181MZ4MM
Barnes and Noble: http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/saving-the-beast-sheritta-bitikofer/1125871598
Kobo: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/saving-the-beast-1

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