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Those rare moments when a novel writer becomes an aspiring poet

All That We Are…

I’m gas receipts crumbled in the cup holders You’re a Gatorade rolling on the floorboards I’m the fierce tapping of an overworked keyboard You’re the clatter of dice upon the dining table I’m dry humor you chuckle to You’re the … Continue reading

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I am… me

I am the child sitting cross-legged, waiting for story time. I am the woman who clutches her purse a little tighter when a man walks by. I am the administrator behind the scenes, helping everything run smoothly. I am the … Continue reading

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My drives…

Others drown their sorrows in drinks I ditch mind on the blacktop I’ve got gas and rubber to burn And miles to shred beneath me I pick 85, north or south Or 90, east or west And I ride until … Continue reading

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This is love…

Have you ever had your soul touched by bliss, kissed my another soul with peace? It’s such a subtle and inexplicable sensation that you don’t even know it happened until you’re painfully aware of their absence. It leaves you bare … Continue reading

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