Something About Sheritta #14

20170325_113625Where were you born/grew up?

So, I actually hate trying to answer this question. I was born in Louisiana, but the first five years of my life there are pretty blurry. I remember bits and pieces like saying goodbye to my dad during one of his visits to the house we lived in, packing up my stuff with my cousins when they came to help me and mom move to Florida, visits to my step-mom’s house about an hour away, and little things like that. Where I “grew up” was Florida. I’ve spent the majority of my life in Florida and that’s where most of my childhood memories lay – except the trips I took to Louisiana to visit my dad during the holidays. I’d like to say that I’m Cajun because of my dad’s side of the family, but it almost doesn’t seem fair to claim that when I really wasn’t brought up under that culture full-time. My husband likes to say that I’m a Cajun Floridian, which I suppose would be partly true. I’m fascinated by the Cajun/Creole culture, but I also can’t handle a lot of spicy foods either. The duality that is “me” has no end.

About Sheritta Bitikofer

Sheritta Bitikofer is an author of eclectic tastes. When she's not writing her next historical fiction or urban fantasy novel, she can be found volunteering at her local animal shelter, shooting archery at a medieval reenactment event, trekking across a battlefield, watching a historical documentary, or having coffee with her husband at their favorite café. A wife and fur-mama to two rescue dogs, she makes time to write engaging and moving stories about shifters, vampires, and magic that enthrall readers from cover to cover.
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