Something About Sheritta #7

Q: If you knew you’d die tomorrow, how would you spend your last day?

A: Well, I certainly wouldn’t go to my day job. I might send them an email or phone call saying how much I love them, and how their friendship shaped me in so many ways. But I won’t spend my last day on earth working. And I hope my husband wouldn’t either, because I’d want to spend the entire day with him. I’d spend the morning giving out those “goodbye” messages to those who matter in my life like my parents and close friends. Then in the afternoon, I think I’d want to go somewhere for lunch that I had never been, but always wanted to go. But for the most part, I’d spend it with my husband. I would be tempted to write, but there really wouldn’t be much of a point because even though I love writing, those words may never see the light of day or be published, so I won’t waste time like that. If I had a week, I’d probably plan some amazing trip overseas, but if I just got the notice that I’d die tomorrow, there’s no time to go anywhere really. And traveling stresses me out anyway.


About Sheritta Bitikofer

Sheritta Bitikofer is an author of eclectic tastes. When she's not writing her next paranormal or urban fantasy novel, she can be found volunteering at her local animal shelter, shooting archery at a medieval reenactment event, doing Zumba, watching a historical documentary, or having coffee with her husband at their favorite café. A wife and fur-mama to two rescue dogs, she makes time to write engaging and moving stories about shifters, vampires, and magic that enthrall readers from cover to cover.
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