What’s in the works?

So, life is getting busy in the Bitikofer household. Got books popping out the woodworks and juggling college homework at the moment. Anatomy and Earth Science is fascinating, let me just say that much.
But you might be wondering what’s all going on in my book world at the moment.
The Enigma was rereleased on May 13th! If you don’t have your copy, you’re gonna want to that get because Becoming the Enigma rerelease is coming June 10th! And guess what’s coming after that? You guessed it! Book three in the Loup-Garou Series, Beast Within, is going through its final edits and will be ready to launch in early July! As soon as I have the edits back, I’ll be posting the pre-order links. If you’re curious about the series, navigate to their pages up in the menu bar. You’ll find sneak peeks, teasers, a book trailer, and character pictures!

Also, in about a month and a half, I’ll be making my first author signing event with For The Love of Books and Alcohol group in Sarasota Florida! Check out my Events page for more details how you can come meet me and get some cool goodies. I’ve got freebies for those who purchase books, a raffle giveaway in the works, and I’ll be showcasing the first three books of the Loup-Garou series all together for the first time. It’s gonna be epic!

To stay up to date on all my news and the fun stuff that you can expect at the signing event, be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter!

Facebook Author Page
Amazon Author Page
Moonstruck Writing Fan Group

The Enigma: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0722MYMXH
Becoming the Enigma (Pre-Order): https://www.amazon.com/dp/B072FD2F47

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