Re-Release of “The Decimus Trilogy”! Giveaway Details!

So, I’ve been working hard on a new project that I’m hoping will revitalize my author career. Not only am I stepping up my game to put myself out there with the book signing event in July and plans for various ads and promotional campaigns, I’m working at re-releasing ALL of my books on a wider distribution channel. And guess which one I’m starting with?

That’s right! The Decimus Trilogy is first in line for re-release in my master plan. Through Ingram Spark, The Decimus Trilogy will be available to more bookstores than just Amazon. Barnes & Noble as well as thousands of other major bookstore retailers across the US, libraries, schools, and online print retailers will be able to sell my book to the masses. I’ll have the potential to reach a wider audience, but that’s not all!

I am now publishing under my own imprint! “Moonstruck Writing” is now the official imprint name for every novel published by Sheritta Bitikofer. All of my books and e-books will feature the words “Published by: Moonstruck Writing” on the inside copyrights page.

So, what’s different about The Decimus Trilogy this time around? Some reviewers made the observation in “The Beast of Verona” that there were some grammatical and spelling errors. I have sent the manuscript through another round of proofreading and although I can’t guarantee they are all fixed, I can say that many were caught and corrected. Also, the interior design has undergone a facelift with new and exciting type faces and include the logo for Moonstruck Writing on the inside cover page.

“The Decimus Trilogy” print book, which includes all three novelettes of this epic story will be available in print form later in the month of March, but on March 3rd, I will be releasing “The Beast of Verona”, “Amber Ashes”, and “Saving the Beast” in eBook form to various platforms like Kobo, Barnes & Noble, iBooks, and more! I’ll be posting their new store links on their respective pages here on my blog and on my website!

But what does this mean for you? Not only am I putting out a better and fresher product for the masses to enjoy, I’m holding a giveaway! Yes, a giveaway to celebrate the re-release!


From now until the release date of the eBooks on March 3rd, every NEW “like” on my Facebook Author Page will be put into a drawing for this fantastic gift basket! In it, you have everything you need to get geared up for the release of The Decimus Trilogy. I’ve included the Blu-Ray movies “The Gladiator” starring Russell Crowe and “Pompeii” starring the Game of Thrones actor Kit Harrington, as well as a 2017 Italy Tour Guide book to inspire your imagination. Also included in the gift basket will be an signed copy of The Decimus Trilogy and a gorgeous wolf pendant necklace rimmed in Celtic designs. Though this wasn’t the kind of pendant anyone in the story would wear, it is reminiscent of the artwork of Decimus’ homeland in Germania Inferior.

All you need to do to enter into the giveaway is hop on over to my Facebook Author Page (link is to the right) and hit “LIKE”. If you want to increase your chances of winning, simply “SHARE” my page or any book-related content from my page to yours! And if you want to really impress me and up your odds further, go over to Amazon and check out one of my novels and leave a review on my Author Page or on your own Facebook page, but tag my author profile to it so I can see that you reviewed a book. One “Like” equals one entry into the giveaway. One “Share” equals three entries and one “Review” equals ten entries! Simple, right?

I’ll be keeping track of every Facebook user who likes and shares from my page between now and March 3rd when the final drawing will take place. Because both of the movies are rated R, I do have to set an age limit of 18 to participate. And yes, I will be checking your Facebook page for age!

In the meantime, subscribe to my blog and email list for regular updates on new releases! They are sure to come in the next six months and there will be more fun and exciting giveaways!

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