My New Novel “Passions” is on Kindle Scout!

how-reader-1-browseSo, several months ago while I was reading over my monthly Kindle Direct Publishing newsletter that gets delivered to my inbox, I saw that they have this new platform for new authors called “Kindle Scout”. How it works is that as an author, I submit an unpublished manuscript and within 45 days, I could be offered a publishing contract through Amazon. But Amazon doesn’t review it. YOU, as the reader, reviews and nominates it for publication. After the 45 days, if there are enough positive reviews and nominations, the Kindle Scout board takes a look at my novel and decides it they want to offer me a contract. This is a huge thing because it’s like a regular publishing house, only the readers get to decide if my stuff is good enough for Amazon to take a risk on me.

12113418_10205273240332955_5267686150495960366_oI though this was a pretty neat idea, but I had nothing to submit at the time. Well,  now I do! I just finished up “Passions”. It’s fully edited and formatted for both print and ebook. All I have to do is hit “submit” and it goes live. But I’ve decided since I recently published “Becoming the Enigma”, I want to release “Passions” a little later next month. So, I submitted it to Kindle Scout and the campaign is LIVE TODAY! Yes! You can go on Kindle Scout and help me in my dream to become a serious author by going to my campaign page and nominating me. Did I mention you get a FREE copy of my novel too? The catch for that little perk is that I have to be published first. So, the more nominations, the more likely you are to get a free copy.

Go to this link below and check it out!
Passions by Sheritta Bitikofer on Kindle Scout

I’ll be posting sneak peeks periodically during the campaign and to give you a little taste, here’s the book trailer too!

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