Sneak Peek into “Becoming The Enigma”

Book 2 of my Loup-Garou series went live this past week and I’m super excited to see how well both it and it’s prequel does in the upcoming months as I punching out the third book. I posted a sneak peek before, but I’d like to give a taste of another because I’m just generous like that.

Be sure to go to Amazon for your copy of “Becoming The Enigma” and if you haven’t read the first book, “The Enigma” yet, I highly recommend it. Enjoy this sneak peek into chapter 2!

As the midnight oil burned, the senior members of the pack were still awake, restless and troubled by the day that seemed hardly over yet. In the back billiard room, a solitary lamp was lit, casting a glow on the teachers as they played the tenth game of pool since the two youngsters had gone upstairs in a fury.
The room was covered in a low pile green carpet and the walls were made of wooden panels, resembling the inside of a bar. In the middle of the room sat the billiard table, the colored balls littered across its felt surface. Dustin was lining up for a shot while the others leaned on their pool sticks, watching him.
Billiards had been their pastime of choice for many years. Only now, they were one player short and took turns being on each other’s team. Precision aim and careful gaging of shots helped to hone their control. In the early days, balls would go flying about the pool hall, knocking holes into the drywall or shattering windows.
“So, how are we going to do this?” Dustin asked as he slid the stick back and forth between his fingers, aiming at the white ball. He was the first to bring up the topic over the last two hours, but everyone had been stewing on their predicament for just as long.
“Do what?” Ben asked.
“Dealing with Katey and Logan. Do we have a game plan? Are we going to let her go to school or keep her home?”
Dustin skillfully knocked the white ball into two solids and nailed them into a corner pocket. He stood up and backed away to allow Ben to take his shot.
“I was going to leave that up to her,” Darren answered, his calm brown eyes fixed on the orange solid Ben was aiming for. “If she shows signs of instability, though, there’s no way she’s going to school.”
“Are you doing to continue to stay in town?”
Darren was glad that Ben reminded him of the home he still owned in Lunar Creek Estates, just around the corner from Katey’s old house that she stayed in before Mary died. He hadn’t been back in days and he was sure that the mailbox would be stuffed by now.
“I’ll have to arrange for one of the Devia loups-garous to check in on the place, but I won’t be returning there until I know that Katey is stable. We can’t afford my absence if an accident should occur.”
“What about Logan?” Dustin asked with the bitter taste of resentment in his tone.
“I know my opinion doesn’t matter, but I don’t think they should be anywhere near each other right now.” Ben popped at the white ball, but missed his mark by a fraction of an inch.
“Why?” Darren looked up with curious eyes.
Ben sighed and shook his head. “They’re just going to cause more problems and drama. It’s not worth it.”
Darren moved forward to take his shot at a striped ball.
“They live together, genius,” Dustin commented. “How are we going to keep them separated?”
“We can’t,” was Darren’s answer as he shot the striped ball into a middle pocket.
Dustin stepped up to evaluate the field.
“Can’t we just dump Logan off with another family in town while we’re trying to train Katey?” Ben suggested, leaning against the wall.
The alpha looked to the omega and shook his head. “It won’t work even if we did.”
Dustin straightened up from his bent position over the table and paused in taking his shot. “Why not? Sounds reasonable to me. I’m getting sick of his attitude. Having a few weeks break from him would be refreshing.”
Darren gave Dustin an amused grin. “Whether we like it or not, Katey and Logan are connected now.”
“They aren’t mated,” Ben stated for the record.
“You both know what I mean,” Darren said, giving them both furtive glances. “Dustin changed you and I recall many times that the two of you felt more like brothers than just pack members. We all know there is some kind of physiological connection formed during the imprinting before a bite. And I’m not talking about the pack bond exclusively.”
Dustin took a deep breath and inclined down to resume his shot. “They’ll get over it.” Ben rolled his eyes at Dustin as he struck the ball, but managed to miss the hole entirely. Dustin kicked the leg of the billiard table in frustration and turned away to pace the floor.
“No, they won’t,” Darren retorted. “And besides, what kind of lesson would that teach them? That if they don’t like someone it’s okay to just up and leave? You saw how successful that was. They’re both in this pack and have to deal with being around each other.”
Ben groaned and covered his eyes with his hand. “There’s going to be so much drama though!” he exclaimed. “I don’t know if I can handle how much just goes on between the four of us, let alone bringing in a female.”
Dustin gripped his pool stick tightly between his fingers and twisted at the wood, making it creak beneath his powerful hands. “I know. I’m just about ready to rip Logan a new one if he rolls his eyes at me just one more time.”
Darren couldn’t help but laugh at the two of them. “No one is going to be doing any ripping around here.”
“So then what are we going to do?” Ben asked, looking to his alpha for answers.
After a moment to pause and think, Darren shook his head. “We do nothing but what is necessary for now. If the tension persists between them, we’ll have to sit them down and talk it over.”
“I don’t agree with what Logan did,” Dubose interjected, “and I don’t agree with the way he’s dealing with his guilt. He’s taking it too hard.”
Ben cocked his eyebrow at his friend. “Weren’t you just wanting to wring his neck earlier and now you care if he feels guilty?”
“He should feel guilty.” Dustin’s eyes stared into space as he spoke. “But he doesn’t have the right to take it out on Katey too. It’s not her fault he went berserk.”
“But, it’s not Logan’s fault that she agreed to it. I can tell somehow that she really is okay with all of this and it puzzles me.” Darren leaned heavily upon his pool stick, staring into space with Dustin.
“And what happened to Katey being your favorite pupil, professor?” Ben jested, waving his hand at his alpha.
Darren chuckled and straightened his posture. “She is, but I think the blame may be split both ways… And like I said, we will do nothing beyond what is necessary to train her.”
A few beats of silence passed before Ben asked, “Have you called John yet?”
Darren sighed at the mention of his former mentor. John, above all others, would have wanted to know about the miracle with Katey. “I’m going to wait until we know for certain that this is the real deal. I don’t want to get his hopes up.”
The three paused as they began to hear a soft piano melody drift through the house, coming from the sitting room. They all looked to each other with knowing eyes.

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Sheritta Bitikofer is an author of eclectic tastes. When she's not writing her next paranormal or urban fantasy novel, she can be found volunteering at her local animal shelter, shooting archery at a medieval reenactment event, doing Zumba, watching a historical documentary, or having coffee with her husband at their favorite café. A wife and fur-mama to two rescue dogs, she makes time to write engaging and moving stories about shifters, vampires, and magic that enthrall readers from cover to cover.
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