“Becoming the Engima” Now Available On Amazon!

12621977_10205806784231219_885221115918139591_oThe sequel you all have been waiting for is finally published! Yay! Go take a trip to Amazon.com and check out “Becoming the Enigma”! Available on KINDLE!

“Katey McCoy took the leap of faith and accepted Logan’s offer to join his pack. A decision that could have turned fatal, made her into a miracle by becoming the first female werewolf in known history. Along with getting accustomed to her new body, new senses, and new obligations, Katey becomes aware that she is not the indestructible monster of myths and legends. Instead, she learns the hard way that there are many dangers in the world and people who would wish harm upon her.
Under the watchful eye of her pack, Katey not only struggles with her new supernatural nature, but also with her relationship with Logan. She thought becoming a werewolf would bridge the gap between them, but it only proved to plunge them in rougher waters than she could have ever imagined.”


To get you a little interested, here is the book trailer for the Loup-Garou series, which “Becoming the Enigma” is book 2 out of (huge spoiler) 6. I’ll be setting my fingers to penning the third installment starting in September and I plan to have “Beast Within” published in early 2017. Super excited!

About Sheritta Bitikofer

Sheritta Bitikofer is an author of eclectic tastes. When she's not writing her next historical fiction or urban fantasy novel, she can be found volunteering at her local animal shelter, shooting archery at a medieval reenactment event, trekking across a battlefield, watching a historical documentary, or having coffee with her husband at their favorite café. A wife and fur-mama to two rescue dogs, she makes time to write engaging and moving stories about shifters, vampires, and magic that enthrall readers from cover to cover.
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