Checking in and FREE SHORT FICTION!

So, I know I’ve been a little quiet for a while, but I have a perfectly good explanation. In a previous blog post, I talked about that I was going back to school. I started back in the beginning of May and I’m in the middle of my second course now. The free certificate program Full Sail University has offered to returning students focuses on Media Communications and at first, I was really skeptical if it would be helpful in my pursuits as an author. In this class on “New Media Tools”, my doubts were put to rest. The whole class is about maintaining and promoting one’s brand through social media and blogging. Part of the class requires me to create a new internet identity and create new accounts around this identity. My brand also has to be something new, apart from what I’ve already established on my own personal sites…

UntitledBeing a writing and literature fanatic, this was a little difficult to decide. I finally settled on the concept of “short fiction” blogging. It’s kind of like fanfiction blogging, but I’m posting stories based from my own imagination rather than building on another person’s creation. So, I’ve taken two story ideas that have been sitting on the shelf for a while and twice a week, I’m posting excerpt updates for readers. The subject of these stories is “supernatural romance”. Along with these fiction posts, I’m creating informative blog posts about wolves and werewolves to diversify the site. To my chagrin, I have no followers, but have gotten plenty of views and likes. If you’re interested in getting a taste of my writing style without buying my novels from Amazon, this is just the thing for you to check out. When the course is over, if I can manage it, I’ll be transferring the stories to this website for my readers and I’ll attempt to keep up with doing at least one short fiction series here as well.

For the meantime, you can go to Moonstruck Wolfgirl’s Blog and read from two of the following stories:

full-moon_679694nThe Outlaw – Sarah’s family has been killed by a ruthless outlaw and the sheriff of her community won’t lift a finger to help. In search of the outlaw herself, she finds someone who may be able to help. Ben Myer is a enigmatic man who roams the western planes, avoiding human contact for a very good reason. With his golden wolf eyes blazing every waking moment, he appears the vicious predator that lives within him. But Sarah sees something deeper and pleads for his help in taking down her family’s murderer. But will the journey across Indian territory and facing down outlaws prove to be their undoing?
(Disclaimer: this is just ONE of the backstories involving Ben Myers, the omega from “The Enigma”. This story takes place after he was changed and wandered off as a lone wolf to figure out his own existence. For those who have read my novel, “The Enigma”, this may be a fun read.)

The Mysterious Stranger – Tessa is a college student, bent on remaking her image from a lonely bookworm and teachers pet, into a popular club hopper with a scandalous social life. Christopher is the professor of anthropology at Tessa’s school, hiding a dark and mysterious secret about himself that no other soul on the planet knows.
When they meet for the first time, Tessa is blown away by his gentlemanlike personality and he is intrigued by her efforts to hide who she really is.

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