Supernatural Sickness

So, my husband and I watched the show Supernatural almost religiously up to a little ways into season 4 and I think we were getting bothered about how much of the demon stuff there was as opposed to the other mythical beings and monsters. I began watching the show for inspiration for that stuff specifically.

I’ve gotten back into watching it, after being bombarded with Supernatural memes, pictures of Jensen Ackles, and hilarious outtakes. I decided to give it another shot. I was not disappointed. Right off, they got back into ghosts and stuff. I have no problem with the demons, I just didn’t like that it was taking over the whole show.

Anyway, I wanted to flaunt my fandom by posting some of my favorite outtakes and Supernatural related videos.

1.) THIS! I was frickin’ rolling at this. I still don’t know how they managed to get the actual crew to add their appearance in at the end, but this is internet magic.

2.) Next to the video above, this was pure awesomeness. Lucky girl!

3.) When this came at the end of the video, I was SCREAMING!

4.) More hilarity with funny outtakes!

In closing, I have to say: Jensen and Jared are amazing actors and though I haven’t met them in person, they seem to be awesome guys. I’m looking forward to binging on the coming seasons.

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