My Favorite Writing Memes

If you’re like me, you “like” things on Facebook and join groups you’re interested in. As a result, I got a lot of very poignant memes about writing and being an author. I thought I’d share a few of them with you for laughs.





Very accurate, especially when you know you know squat about your subject matter. Makes you an expert almost over night – if you know the right resources.


This is about where I’m at right now. I want to enjoy writing and not care about what others want of me; readers, publishers, editors, whatever. I write for me.






Aye, captain!








If that many superheroes say I should be writing, I probably should be!






This is so insanely true that it isn’t funny.






Forget about the superheroes. If THESE GUYS say I should be writing, I should have gotten started yesterday!




f8d7fde2cb023fdecabeb80edfd9045f So much…





If you think my fandom is coming out in these memes, you’d be right.









The struggle is real!





fa009b3fedb7fc7e1867d075da01af0e  normal-ship-meme

hemingway_meme Hemingway said it best.




Not necessarily about writing, but still funny to me. Give me a book I can sniff any day.









Getting a little deep there.





And to wrap this all up, here is my favorite of all time. In fact, I have this as my laptop wallpaper to remind me of this truth every day.


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