Pushing On A Pull Door

There’s a lot to be said about someone who pushes at a door that they believe to be locked.

As an indie author, I understand this concept all too well and have been struggling with this for the last few months, so I thought to express my thoughts here.

Like I mentioned, you could say a lot of things about someone who pushes on a locked door. One might say they’re determined, courageous, goal-driven, patient, or that they know what they want and they go for it. Others might say they’re stubborn, hard headed, and can’t take a hint that they are just not getting through that door.

When we make the decision to walk through that door – whether that means applying for the job you always wanted, trying to have a child, making plans to be financially secure, or doing the thing that scares you the most – we are going to make a real effort to step over the threshold into the success we desire.

Most people, when they try to open that door and find it locked, they get discouraged. They think “Well, I guess this just isn’t what I’m destined for” and they move on. I hate the analogy of God closing one door so you can go through another or find an open window somewhere. We know what we want in life and if we want it bad enough, we shouldn’t have to walk away.

Other people, the ones who want it bad enough, will keep trying to open that lock door. They’ll bang on it, demand that the door open, get a battering ram and force it down, shoot at the lock. They will do whatever it takes, short of killing themselves, to open that door even when they don’t even the tiniest result from their efforts

As an author who has several books out on Amazon, I find this comparison so accurate. I’ve done my own social media marketing, I’ve paid someone else to do it, I’ve paid for press releases, editing services, fantastic book cover designs, begged for more money to help my books become publisher-ready, taken classes on writing, paid through the nose for a creative writing degree, slaved at my computer for hours reading and editing my books until I wanted to claw my eyes out and cry into my pillow until sleep silenced me. I’ve done absolutely everything I could possibly think of to make self-publishing work and all I’ve got to show for it are 7 shoddy novels and a butt-load of debt that will take me years to pay back and the royalties from my books aren’t going to cover even a fraction of it.

Back to the proverbial door. Sometimes, if you’re doing everything to get that door open and it’s not budging, maybe it’s time to look at it from a different perspective. Maybe, instead of forcing your way through, you should take a step back and let it open for you. Take a break, rethink your strategy, think outside the box.

Maybe that door was never meant to be rammed down, but gently opening inward. Have you ever tried to open on a pull door when you have very little space behind you to back up? It’s the same thing. Maybe you never considered opening the door towards you, because it would have put you in a tight corner and made you uncomfortable. Yet, that was what you needed to do all along.

Quit doing what you feel comfortable with, and do what actually needs to be done to get through that door. Get over the fact that it’s going to strain you, make you feel cramped, make you feel nervous and a little claustrophobic. Because once you let that door squeeze past you, it’ll open up a whole new world, a whole new life that you’ve been wanting with all the leg room you could possibly imagine.

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