The Road So Far…

First off, I’d like to apologize for the static. There have been a lot of life changes going on and, as a result, my writing and author career has taken a back seat.

12814670_1169108916435369_3295425376729341926_nFirst change came with my signing up as a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant. Yes, I am now authorized to peddle makeup and skin care products. I enjoy it because I get half off of the product I buy directly from the company. However, it is commission based so if I don’t sell anything, I don’t make money. And the way to sell product is to get out and have skin care parties. That meant that running around town in the evenings and going to meetings and working my business from home used up a lot of my free time. Life got very busy, very quickly.

On top of that, we got a second dog! Her name is Tammi and she is also a rescue from 13174086_1210502628962664_7282079407303714519_nAlaqua Animal Shelter; the same place we got Sharla from. She is a nine year old lab-plott hound mix (in my opinion). Some have said she is part boxer and other part pit bull because of her coloration and build. At first, the girls did NOT get along. On the second day, they had their first major fight and both came away with some battle wounds. But now, they are best buddies and play-tousle all the time. It’s a little scary to watch, but judging by their body language, they are totally playing. Tammi had a little case of diarrhea as well, but that was taken care of and now we just need to get her down to a manageable weight. Through the shelter, she was in what they call the “Unconditional Love Program” where dogs are leased out to prisons so the inmates can put them through obedience training. It’s supposed to help both the dogs and the inmates rehabilitate. Tammi knows many of the basic commands like “sit”, “down” and “stay”. But she doesn’t understand a strict feeding schedule just yet. She was very skinny before coming into the program and her trainer pampered her with treats, bulking her up to a weight that wasn’t exactly healthy for her. But, she is losing weight and getting plenty of exercise through playing with her new sister. They’re both very different breeds, ages, and backgrounds, but they really are turning into best buds. It’s funny to watch them do silly things together like steal toys and chase around the house. Thank goodness nothing has broken yet. Tammi is also a very different personality from Sharla. She loves to chew and nap while all Sharla wants is to cuddle and be petted. Tammi was once a stray, so it makes sense that she’s not so affection-dependent.

banner960Next on my list of things I’ve been doing instead of writing, is school! Yes, I have gone back to school. Full Sail University was offering a free Media Communications Certificate course to former students. After much deliberation, I decided to go for it. The course is 8 months long, consisting of 4 classes that will go over some aspect of Media Communications. It’s an online course so I’ve been able to work ahead and have learned a lot about what media communications is, what it is not, and how to use it to my advantage in my writing career. I’ve only been in the course for about a month, but I feel like I’m getting a good grasp of the course material.

tltg6lqw6d32mkjsqlrq_imageAnd last but not least, we are installing hardwood floors in our home. I love my home and it’s had carpet since before I can remember. But with two dogs and the amount of dust my husband tracks in that seems to just disappear inside the carpet, we’ve realized that wood floors may be better for cleaning up messes. We purchased a sizable amount of carbonized bamboo flooring which is supposed to be 20 times stronger than regular hardwood. Last night my husband and I busted our bums pulling up the carpet in the living room, where we will be starting our project. We were going to start the gluing process and lay half the floors down tonight, but we realized that we didn’t have enough paint thinner to take off the glue residue from the tools and my husband’s hands, so we will be starting on it officially tomorrow. In the meantime, Jared is laying down a quarter of the planks and cutting them to size.

But in the midst of all this chaos, I have accomplished one thing. “Passions” is completely Overworked exhausted businessman writes with a typewriterwritten and my personal round of edit is done! I sent it off to a professional earlier this week and hope to get it back by the end of June at the very latest. I’m not too terribly confident in this novel, having cranked it out the way I did. It’s been in the makings for about 6-8 months and there were a lot of hiatus periods where I didn’t write in it at all and lost track of the character development and plot continuity. Although a good bulk of it was written in November, I hadn’t touched it since. But, regardless of how I feel, it will be published on Amazon as soon as the edits are complete. I just hope I’m not giving my editor too much work, seeing as my grammar sucks. Haha.

Next project will be “The Rose”, which is not a new novel, but it will become one. It was the first novel I ever wrote completely and it’d in very rough shape. I’ll be reconstructing half of the plot and developing the characters further, so it may take a few months to get done, but it will be so worth it. I can’t wait to write about my smexy Scottish vagabond who is possessed by demons.

In the meantime, check out this video I made for my media communications program. The goal for one of our assignments was to create a video that had all the potential elements that could make it go viral. Whether I did that here or not, you can be the judge.

I will be posting on a more frequent basis; hopefully weekly if I’m able.

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