Sidetracks and Update

12654594_1149192775093650_1804234679230048478_nHey there, readers! Just dropping in to let you know that I haven’t died or dropped off the face of the planet. I am alive and well. I just got a little sidetracked for the past month by this little cutie. No, not that hot hunk of man to my right. I’m talking about the little pouch in our laps looking like a scared rat.

Yes, we have taken the plunge of puppy parenthood and adopted a beautiful, sweet 2 year old miniature Australian Shepherd.

It started off as an innocent plea to my husband for a change in his schedule. You see, as writing is my passion, tabletop gaming is his. For those of you that don’t know, I equate it to Dungeons and Dragons, but a little more complex to my understanding. It started with the game system Paladium and his interests kind of expanded from there. He creates a character using a series of dice rolls, and then he, along with other players, go on fantastic adventures and the direction of their journeys and battles are dependent upon more random dice rolls. Yeah, I tried to get into the craze early on, but I wasn’t able to grasp the concept. So, instead of stressing myself out by getting confused one night a week, I let him run off with his friends and play.

It makes him happy, and I wouldn’t have a problem if he wasn’t gone for so long on Friday and Saturday nights. Our house, as wonderful as it is, gets very lonely on those dark nights and no amount of writing can fill the void that my husband’s absence created. Yes, as terrible as it sounds, writing was not able to fix this problem for me. I needed another living soul in the house with me.

So, after a very short and emotional discussion in bed one Saturday morning, we got dressed and traveled down to Alaqua Animal Refuge to take a look at who we could offer a forever home to.

This no-kill refuge is an amazing place with friendly volunteer staff and a trained 12654573_1144786222200972_7476888641459604446_nveterinarian on staff to help the animals in need. They offer a shelter for horses, pigs, donkeys, goats, cats and even emus! They have two female emus residing on their land and I was shocked when I caught sight of one in its enclosure. Anyway, out of all these lovely animals, they had dogs and puppies.

Naturally, I wanted to take them all home with me. But this little angel caught our eye. She was so quiet in the midst of all these barking dogs in their kennels and I instantly knew that she had my heart. We put in an application to adopt her and after a week, we were able to bring her home.

Since then, it’s been quite an adjustment period. I hadn’t owned a dog since I was very little, and even then he was kept outside in the yard and my mom took care of him most of the time. He was too smelly and jumped on me too much for my liking. Well, Sharla – our newest family member – is smelly sometimes and jumps a lot, but I’ve grown up a lot and have gripped the responsibility of owning a dog with both hands.

12717502_1149802145032713_5868176360599544191_nYou see, not only is Sharla a rescue, transferred from the county shelter, she tested positive for heartworms, was pregnant, and a double merle (which in short means that she is blind in one eye and explains why she is mostly white instead of the typical Aussie coat). It broke my heart when the vet told me that she was pregnant. They didn’t even know until they performed the spaying surgery. I would have given up my hopes of ever owning a dog if they could have just let her carry out the term and birthed those six puppies. However, with her having heartworms, I can see the logic in it. And that would have meant six more puppies to find homes for.

The blindness in her one blue eye is not as big of a problem as I thought it would be. Some Double Merles have it a lot worse and are completely blind and/or deaf. She can hear just fine, especially when I open the door and pick up her leash.

As for the heart worms, the vet at the refuge has elected to treat her with a series of 12687785_1148544711825123_3630645874056885130_ninjections, performing a slow kill of the worms that have invaded the blood vessels around her heart and lungs. It’s been two weeks since her first injection, and in another two weeks she’ll receive her second and third. She’s doing just fine despite my constant fussing and fretting that she’s not okay.

And it almost goes without saying that because of Sharla’s arrival into our home, I’ve been putting writing off to the side until things slowed down and we could get into a routine. And that time has come.

I’ve finished the final edits for “The Enigma” and “Becoming the Enigma”, however I’m still waiting for their release until I’m completely done with “Passions“. Before, I had mentioned that I was writing “Passions” strictly from Chloe’s third person perspective, but I have come to my senses and decided to add a few scenes with Gavin telling his side of the story. He may be a male vampire and it’ll be a stretch to put myself into his shoes, but I did some soul searching on the matter and came to reason that some parts of the story NEEDS Gavin’s view and how he feels about Chloe and what they are going through.

I’ll be going back through and reading what’s been written thus far and making the necessary changes. Then, I’ll be sending it off for its first major edit. After that, I’m playing it by ear.

I’ll go ahead and wrap up this blog by encouraging all of you to find a local animal shelter and donating a few bucks towards the great work that they do. You don’t have to go adopt every animal in the place, but help them keep the doors open with what you can. Some will take donations of food or other pet supplies too.

Until next time, happy reading!

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