Clouds is LIVE and available on Amazon Kindle and Kindle Unlimited!

sheritta325-ebook-1500x2000After a few months of hard editing, revising and waiting, Clouds is now available on Amazon in both ebook and print format! You’ll find the links below. If you preordered a copy over the past month, the book will show up in the library of your device. Be sure to leave a review of how much you enjoyed it!

“In a new political machine where Christians are segregated and persecuted for their faith in the worst imaginable way, hope is dim and out of reach. Shiloh is the worst city in Gadria, boasting the largest Christian ghetto in the country. Tabitha, a young Christian woman trying to hide her blind mother from the secret police while working as a hostess in an inner city restaurant, finds herself falling desperately in love with her new supervisor. Luke, the youngest son of the new chief of police of Shiloh, is disturbed by the plight of the Christians and feels especially compassionate for Tabitha, but he is nearly alone in his sentiments as all of his colleagues despise Christians with a fervent passion. Can they overcome the prejudices of the culture and keep their forbidden love a secret?”

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