sheritta325-ebook-1500x2000It has been a LONG two months since I started working on “Clouds” again, but it’s finally available for Pre-Order with a set release date for August 20th. Check it out on Amazon Kindle at the link below and visit the “Clouds” page here on my blog for a sneak peak and little “behind the scenes” details about the story.


I have great hopes for this novel. I began writing it in my junior year of high school and when I set to the task of editing, I had to do a total overhaul on it (as I’m having to do with a lot of my old stories anyway).  I’m satisfied with the direction I took with it and I hope my readers will enjoy it.

Above all, I hope it makes them think. Think about our world and all that we tolerate. It may offend some and it may open the eyes of others, but my main goal with this story is to entertain readers with a story full of suspense, danger and a genuine love forged from the fires of adversity.

What’s next from me, you might ask? Well, I can say this, I’m glad to be moving on to a more contemporary romance. Yep, this one is set in today’s world as we know it. No medieval jousting, alternate universes or futuristic Holocaust stories this time. But, I can’t say that there won’t be a twinge of science fiction to it. I’m really excited for this next novel because it was the first one I wrote all the way through and I finished it in my sophomore year of high school. I’ve noticed that I’m kind of working backwards. “The Princess and Her Rogue” was the last one I finished, then “Escape”, then “Clouds” and now “The Rose”. I’ve got a LOT of editing and revising to do, so it may not be until sometime in October before I can announce a release date, but I’ll be sure to blog my progress with any sneak peaks.

In the meantime though, enjoy any of my other already released novels on Amazon. You can find their links in their corresponding pages on this blog.

Happy reading!

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