This is love…

Have you ever had your soul touched by bliss, kissed my another soul with peace?
It’s such a subtle and inexplicable sensation that you don’t even know it happened until you’re painfully aware of their absence.
It leaves you bare and empty, as if a numbness has consumed you and it’s impossible to feel anything else by the aching that remains.
You look around and wonder what happened.
The world stays stagnant, but you see it through different eyes that aren’t your own.
Colors are bland, taste seems like a fading memory, and everything sounds distant and out of reach.
You feel disconnected, detached from the world and the joy that it could bring.
No, joy is a fleeting thing now that they aren’t there by your side.
But, oh, when you hear their voice from across the room, your heart beats again.
Their face comes into view and its as if the world is alive again.
You’re alive again.
And things are as they should be.
Your lips twitch into a smile for the first time in what seems like an eternity, like it’s something you’ve never done before and can’t stop no matter how hard you try.
And your soul is whole again.
With one word they can shine light into the darkened corners of your being.
One touch pours kerosene into your blood.
One long gaze, one kiss, can strike the match and set you ablaze.
Their nearness kindles the fire inside, burning hot beneath your skin.
It’s a pleasant burn, one you wouldn’t trade for all the riches of the world.
To feel their arms around you, holding you close, you can feel their own fire raging inside.
You feel their heart thump in time with yours.
And for a moment, the world is still and quiet.
Nothing exists but the two of you and the storm of passion you stand in.
It engulfs you both, wanting to blow you away.
But they are your rock, your gravity, your reason for breathing.
This is love.

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