“Escape” is now published and live for purchase!

So after busting my butt for a little over a week and having two other people bust their Screen Shot 2015-05-07 at 6.28.21 PMbutts to help edit it, “Escape” is finally on the market for Amazon Kindle and B&N Nook. I’ve ordered the print proof and once I’ve received it and I’m satisfied with the layout, I’ll be getting that available for readers in the paperback form.

This story is not near as long as my first novel “The Princess and Her Rogue”, but it has come a long way from where it was. Originally, it started off as a “short story” I wrote back in my senior year of high school as an assignment. It was 9 chapters long and a whopping 40 pages total. I’ve expanded on it to be 11 chapters and over 100 pages. When I was first going through and reading it, I wished I had a time machine to go back to 2011 and slap my 12th-grade-self silly for writing such a corny story. The character interactions were not realistic and I didn’t feel connected with the characters at all. It was written probably in 2 months so that had a lot to do with it. I went through, added a ton more descriptions to the setting and characters, as well as created a few more scenes that were not in the original cut. I added in some pixies, gnomes and elves. I had debated on tumblr_lo98j7OCLG1qeeerio1_500adding a wise oracle gryphon but I simply couldn’t find a good place to put it, so I abandoned that idea. I also changed the ending. The original story had absolutely no explanation as to what actually happened and that annoyed me. I won’t be giving any spoilers away, but I’m much happier with this new ending. I also developed the characters a lot further than before, adding more realistic emotions behind their conversations and behavior. What I didn’t expect was one character in particular becoming a favorite among my helpful editors. I made Sir Jedalf the comic relief, but I’m afraid that he may become a favorite with readers rather than the main protagonists, Connor and Amelia. Oh well. And both my editors have

Sir Jedalf

suggested building upon this universe of Somniatis that I’ve created and come out with more stories taking place there, especially creating backstories for the supporting characters. I don’t know about all that, but it’s an idea for the future.

It was a hard, stressful few weeks, but I’m relieved that it’s finally out and I’ve received some good feedback so far. So, go check it out and let me know what you think!

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