Sneak Peek into my newest novel “Escape”

I’m almost done with the initial editing stages for this novel and I’ve very excited. It’s grown from a mere 40 pages and 23k words to over 80 page with all the improvements. This scene is a big improvement I worked at the other night.

“You mentioned this being a nightmare.”
She knew that he meant that as a question and to explain her choice of words.
“This isn’t real. It can’t be. Nothing makes sense about this place or you or anyone else. This is all just a nightmare and I’m going to wake up any minute now. Monsters don’t exist.”
Connor looked over his shoulder to her, frustration mounting in his tone. “So, you don’t think I’m real?”
“Nope, not one bit,” Amelia said cuttingly.
“And you don’t think I’m scary, either, huh?” Connor’s upper lip rose a bit to reveal one of his sharp fangs.
“Nope. You’re just a result of a bad mixing of garlic powder and minced onion.” Amelia felt it was her turn to slur his existence like he had slurred her race. What could he possibly do to her anyway? This was just a nightmare.
In the fraction of a second, Amelia found herself pinned against a tree trunk alongside the path. The box fell from her hand with a loud thud, plunging into the mist along the ground.
Connor’s body was stiffly pressed against hers, his face just inches from her own. She could feel every contour of his strong demon muscles, immobilizing her against the rough bark of the tree.
She didn’t even have time to scream as one of his hands gripped her neck, cutting off much of her air supply. His sharp nails dug into her skin, sending a searing pain along her nerves. Amelia’s hands wrapped vainly around his wrist, pushing with all her might against him, but she might as well have been trying to move the statue of liberty with her bare hands.
Connor’s eyes glowed a bloody crimson and his canine teeth grew longer than she had seen before, baring them in a menacing growl. The skin on his face grew dark and almost leathery, revealing his true demon self under his human façade. His ears morphed into tall points and hair stiffened into spikes all over his head.
Amelia choked for air, whimpering as she felt warm blood ooze from the puncture holes he was driving into her flesh. Connor opened his mouth wide as a roar bellowed forth and a slimy forked tongue slipped over his bottom lip.
She watched with horror as he leaned into her neck and licked the blood away. Amelia shivered at the sensation of his saliva lingering over her skin. Every part of her shuddered and shook with the desperate need for air and safety. She had never felt so close to death in her life and she doubted that she would ever be this close again.
Connor’s lips grazed the sensitive outside of her ear.
“Is this real enough for you?” he whispered, his voice throaty and deeper than before. His fiery hot breath made beads of sweat roll down her neck and back.
Amelia’s mouth opened to answer, but no sound would come out besides the crackled noises of a girl who couldn’t breathe.
His grip tightened and she could just barely see his glare from the corner of her narrowing sight. “Is it?”
Amelia’s head quickly bobbled in an affirmative nod, but his hold upon her neck didn’t loosen right away.
Connor pulled away so their eyes met. She knew that he could see the utter fear in her eyes. There was no hiding it this time. And he would forever know that he could scare her greater than anything else in this world, which she was beginning to realize was quite real. This was no nightmare. This was all real, too real.

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